Billy Corgan Appeals To CM Punk “Come Have Some Fun In The NWA”

CM Punk

NWA boss Billy Corgan believes he understands where CM Punk’s coming from as he admits he’d do almost anything to get the star in his promotion.

CM Punk was very publicly fired by Tony Khan following his backstage altercation with Jack Perry at AEW All In back in August. Far from the first issue Punk had in the company, Khan felt he had no choice but to let the former AEW World Champion go following an independent investigation into his conduct.

Since then, the rumour mill has been in overdrive about what Punk could do next in the wrestling world with a cat well and truly being set among the pigeons when the star visited a recent IMPACT Wrestling show, where his good friend Ace Steel is working as a producer.

Billy Corgan opens the door for CM Punk to have “fun” in the NWA

Speaking on Mat Men with Andrew Zarian, NWA owner Billy Corgan discussed CM Punk’s status and confirmed he’d do anything he could to bring Punk into his promotion, appealing directly to the star to “come have some fun”:

“Many people behind the scenes have asked me, ‘should we make a play for Punk? Have you reached out to Punk?’ The answer, in terms of reaching out, is no. I respect him a lot. He deserves top money. He’s a top star. That sounds almost self-defeating, ‘you’re almost admitting that you wouldn’t want him.’ No, trust me, the NWA would go hand over fist to have Phil walk through the door and be part of the NWA, even for a pay-per-view.”

“What I would say to Phil, and I’m not trying to use this as an open forum, I’m saying to you what I would say to Phil, and again, I have not reached out and I certainly know how to get in touch with him. What I could say to him is, he would have a lot of fun in the NWA. I think Phil, the person, loves professional wrestling. He’s had his public confrontation….I’m very similar, I got sued by a record company for $150 million. I eventually made a deal with them and continued working for them.

“I’ve had massive battles behind the scenes with every segment of the record and touring business, some of which aren’t public. I have a reputation in rock n roll, behind the scenes. If Phil, the person has a rep with whoever, he doesn’t have that rep with me because I feel I understand where he’s coming from.

“That man loves professional wrestling. He may not love the professional wrestling business, but he loves professional wrestling. My only appeal to Punk would be, if you want to have some fun, I can’t pay you what you’re worth, but if you want to have some fun, come have some fun in the NWA. We’ll kick some ass, we’ll have some laughs, and I’ll buy you a vegan sandwich.”

Corgan also suggested that a star of CM Punk’s magnitude requires special treatment and suggests he’d even have him as a backstage presence in the NWA:

“Punk belongs in this business, he’s a star, he needs to be treated like a star. I don’t think anybody deserves to be treated like a primadonna, including myself, but there has to be a way to balance those forces where the guy who loves professional wrestling can do what he loves to do, even if it’s behind the scenes. Maybe he doesn’t work in front of the camera for a while.”

What CM Punk’s future holds remains to be seen but reports have suggested WWE is at pains to make clear the star is not scheduled to be a part of Survivor Series in his hometown of Chicago in November.

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