Ace Steel Making Return To Wrestling

aew all out Ace Steel CM Punk

Controversial former AEW producer Ace Steel is set to make a return to wrestling for one of his former companies.

The events following AEW All Out have become the stuff of legend, with CM Punk and The Elite involved in a massive brawl that also involved Head of Talent Relations Christopher Daniels and Punk’s friend and trainer Ace Steel. Not only were punches thrown, but Steel reportedly threw a chair at Nick Jackson’s head and bit Kenny Omega on the arm.

Everyone involved in the brawl was suspended, and Steel was later fired as the result of an internal investigation, but was later been rehired and is working remotely as he was considered an “insurance risk” and was not allowed to be present for tapings of Collision, something that upset CM Punk greatly. Steel also reportedly received back pay for the time he was fired.

However, after Punk was fired by the company following another backstage fight at All In, Steel was eventually let go from his role on September 7th.

Ace Steel returning to IMPACT Wrestling

PWInsider has now reported that Steel will be working for IMPACT Wrestling at the Bound For Glory event as a producer. One source noted the situation was that Steel was getting a tryout as a producer and the company had wanted to bring him in before he returned to AEW in his remote working role. Since his release, IMPACT offered the same opportunity and now it looks like it’s been accepted.

Ace Steel was involved in the company in its early days as TNA in 2002 when he competed in a handful of X Division matches.