Bayley On What It Was Like Wrestling In “Pandemic Era” Of WWE

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Grand Slam Champion Bayley has opened up on what life was like during the “Pandemic Era” of WWE and the organic growth in popularity of her work with Sasha.

Between March 2020 and July 2021, live entertainment and sports faced an unsettling time without fans being able to attend as the world tried to fight through two years of restrictions.

WWE was one of the very few companies that creatively found a way to continue delivering content in what has now been called the “Pandemic Era”, beginning with matches filmed inside the WWE Performance Centre, before creating a ThunderDome.

WWE ThunderDome allowed fans to appear on screens positioned across the arena as Superstars battled it out in the ring across multiple events including the 2021 Royal Rumble, and two Hell in a Cell pay-per-views.

Damage Ctrl leader Bayley had huge success during this time, as her rivalry with Michael Cole took off, and the former hugger held both the Smackdown Women’s Championship and, alongside her best friend Sasha Banks (Mercedes Mone), the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship.

During an interview with Fightful, Bayley opened up on the natural growth that saw her and Banks gain success and popularity during lockdown, before reflecting on some of the most memorable moments.

“I think it just kind of happened. Honestly, I can tell you they didn’t make a decision where it was like, ‘Yeah, we’re gonna rely on Bayley and Sasha for this stuff. It just kind of happened.

I think they saw how much we were killing it and how much that we were able to not only do what they asked, but excel and give them more and more and more. That, honestly, as weird as it sounds, is probably some of the best times of my career and probably the most rewarding.”

“I don’t think I have a favorite moment. I have so many memories, especially in the back. TJ Wilson and I laugh about it all the time. There’s so many crazy memories. Having a WrestleMania at the Performance Center was insane.

But I think some of the proudest moments I had, the stuff with the Kabuki Warriors, our tag matches with them. I loved the stuff with Kairi and Asuka. But also I had two Hell in a Cell matches in front of nobody, in front of no fans, within the span of a year. I think those were two of my highlights.”

Bayley and Damage Ctrl Cash In To Celebrate A Year Of Success

Iyo Sky successfully cashed in her Money In The Bank contract at last weekend’s SummerSlam on Bianca Belair to become the new WWE Women’s Champion and in doing so bookended the first year of Damage Ctrl with even more success.

At SummerSlam 2022 Bayley made her return and brought along backup in the shape of Iyo Sky, and Dakota Kai.

Over the last year the group have battled their way through the Women’s Division, as Bayley chased her goal of capturing a single’s Championship and her team mates secured the Women’s Tag Team Championships.

After Dakota Kai suffered an injury earlier this year, there was concern amongst fans that it could spell the end of the group, especially as both Bayley and Sky entered the 2023 Women’s Money In The Bank ladder match.

But despite Sky handcuffing Bayley to Becky Lynch and securing the contract, Bayley has continued to support Sky.

Following Sky’s win at SummerSlam, the pair were joined by a returning Dakota Kai for a warm embrace in front of the sold out Detroit crowd.

H/t to Fightful