Baron Corbin On Recent NXT Fan Reaction – “I Can’t Fight It”

Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin has unexpectedly won over fans in NXT.

Gable Steveson took on the star in his much-anticipated debut at the Great American Bash. However, even though he was presented as the hero in the bout, the live crowd was firmly against him and on the side of Corbin.

The match ended in a no-contest when neither man was able to answer a 10-count. This was seemingly done in order to build to a rematch between the two further down the line.

“It was awesome” – Baron Corbin on the positive reaction from fans

During a new interview with Haus of Wrestling, Corbin looked back on the NXT fans getting behind him, explaining that he’s now presenting his old ‘Lone Wolf’ character the way he wants to do it.

“You know, it was wild when my music hit, and I got new music. And I think because a lot of people wanted that, for me, a lot of people wanted the new music, they wanted the new character.

“A lot of people who are here seeing what I do are tied all the way back to the Lone Wolf. They want to see that again, and they’re gonna get that attitude for sure. It’s just going to be presented how I would present it.

“And when my music hit, I got that kind of 50/50-like, we’re booing you because we boo you but also got like a good cheer, but by the time the match had started, it was 100% for me, and 100% not into what he was doing.”

“I thought I had a chance to be able to turn it back the other way, and I just got to the point it was like, I can’t fight it. I mean, otherwise, they’re just gonna hate this. So let’s just go and let them have fun, and they were definitely behind me; it was awesome.”

While Corbin doesn’t know what WWE management thought of the match, he credited NXT’s executives, Shawn Michaels and Johnny Russo, for letting him be himself.

“I have no idea what they’re thinking main roster-wise; what they see, what they want to do, but I think in NXT that the greatest thing about being around Shawn [Michaels] and [Johnny] Russo, who’s the head writer there, they’re not going to fight anything; they’re gonna just let me do me, and if people love it, they’re gonna love it.

“I’m not going to change and go, ‘Okay, hey, look, I’m a good guy now; cheer for me.’ I’m gonna do me, and the crowd is gonna decide, and I think they’re starting to, and it is weird.”

H/T to Haus of Wrestling for the above transcription.