Bad Bunny Reacts To Incredible Backlash Crowd

bad bunny wwe backlash damian priest

Bad Bunny sent out a message to thank the WWE fans in Puerto Rico that helped make his Backlash match feel extra special.

At WWE Backlash this past Saturday, Grammy Award-winning superstar Bad Bunny put on an incredible performance as he defeated Damian Priest in a very entertaining San Juan Street Fight.

It was a match that was praised heavily by fans that watched it while behind the scenes in WWE, there are reports that Bad Bunny is the most embraced celebrity backstage in the company meaning he has fit in well with the WWE locker room.

Another aspect of Backlash that really got a lot of attention was how vocal and enthusiastic the San Juan, Puerto Rico crowd was not just for Backlash, but for last Friday’s Smackdown in San Juan as well. Many people believe it wasn’t just one of the loudest WWE crowds this year, but maybe up there one of the loudest crowds ever in WWE history.

On his Instagram story, Bad Bunny put out a message to his 45 million + followers. It’s in Spanish, so thanks to @NYCDemonD1va on Twitter for sharing the English translation with us.

“I’m still processing this, words can’t describe what I felt that day it was a dream”

“Thank you Puerto Rico, you were the real stars both nights”

“There’s no energy like what you brought. Now the world knows where the best wrestling fans in the world are: P FKN R”

There’s no official word for when WWE will use Bad Bunny again, but there is a report that the company wants him to be involved in SummerSlam this August in some capacity.