Backstage News On Jeff Jarrett’s AEW Debut

jeff jarrett aew guitar

Wrestling legend Jeff Jarrett made his AEW debut and a new report has revealed how he was brought to the show.

Jay Lethal beat Darby Allin on the November 2nd edition of Dynamite in a manner that wasn’t clean. There was a mysterious person that showed up wearing Sting attire along with a mask that hit Allin with a baseball bat, which wasn’t seen by the referee. It was AEW’s Kole Carter. Lethal hit Allin with his Lethal Injection finisher and won the match by pinfall.

Shortly after the match was over, Sting’s music hit leading to the crowd and Allin to believe that Sting was coming to help Allin, but that didn’t happen. Instead, it was Jeff Jarrett making his AEW debut by greeting Allin with a guitar shot over the head. Jarrett would go on to cut a promo about how Sting while aligning himself with Lethal’s group.

In a backstage update on Jarrett’s AEW debut, PWInsider is reporting that Jarrett was brought into Washington, DC for the show that was in Baltimore. AEW chose to hide Jarrett prior to his appearance, which is also something they recently did in September when Saraya made her debut.

The report from PWInsider also noted that Jarrett is expected to help AEW with some international plans due to his decades of experience as an executive from when he ran TNA/Impact Wrestling as the Ring Ka King show and he’s done TV deals in India as well.

Jarrett’s AEW debut will also likely lead to Jarrett facing his old rival Sting. The two men go back a long way from facing off in WCW to many matches in TNA as well.

After Jarrett’s appearance, AEW Owner/President Tony Khan commented that Jarrett will also have a backstage role in AEW as the company plans to run more live events in 2023 with Jarrett helping them do that due to his long history in the pro wrestling business.

The 55-year-old Jarrett was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2018 three years after he was inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame in 2015.