AEW Hid Top Star In Closet Prior To Dynamite Debut

aew dynamite stage

It was revealed on a recent AEW podcast that one big name that recently debuted was hidden in a closet before making their Dynamite debut.

The September 21st episode of Dynamite was arguably the biggest episode of AEW’s signature show. It was the Grand Slam episode held at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queen’s, New York.

One of the biggest surprises at Dynamite Grand Slam was when Saraya made an unannounced appearance at the show. It was an appearance that completely shocked the wrestling world because her WWE deal (as Paige) expired a few months earlier and it wasn’t known if she would debut in AEW.

During a recent episode of the AEW Unrestricted podcast, referee Aubrey Edwards revealed that Sarya was hidden in a closet to prevent any leaks of her debut.

“We had Saraya show up, which was incredible. I think they hid her in a closet that was labeled like, ‘AEW Tech Supplies.’ So, everyone knew not to go in there.”

AEW announcer Tony Schiavone backed up what Edwards was saying by adding it was really smart to do it that way.

“That’s exactly what they did, yeah. I love that. I was like, ‘When did we have a tech supply closet? Oh, okay, smart, smart.'”

This wasn’t the first time that AEW hid wrestlers because there have been reports that they hid CM Punk prior to his 2021 debut and the same for Claudio Castagnoli’s first appearance earlier in 2022.

On the October 26th episode of Dynamite, Renee Paquette tried to interview Saraya, but Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. interrupted it. That led to a frustrated Renee suggesting that she talks to them both next week on Dynamite, so that will happen on the November 2nd episode of the show.

H/T WrestlingInc for the transcription