WWE Star Considered “Top Level Player” After Backlash

wwe backlash logo 2023

A WWE superstar that had an impressive performance at Backlash is being praised for their performance in a big match.

Damian Priest faced off against Bad Bunny at Backlash this past Saturday in Puerto Rico in a San Juan Street Fight. Since it was a Street Fight that was the only stipulation match on the card, it allowed for Preist and Bunny to utilize weapons and have a different match than the others.

It has since been reported that former WWE superstar Brian Kendrick and Priest helped train Bad Bunny for the match. Clearly, the work they all did together paid off because Bunny and Priest would go on to have one of the best matches at the show.

The match between Priest and Bunny was won by Bunny after the LWO, Carlito & Savio Vega neutralized The Judgment Day’s Finn Balor & Dominik Mysterio in the match. The finish saw Bad Bunny hit a Bunny Destroyer for the pinfall win.

While Damian Priest lost the match that he called his WrestleMania (since he didn’t wrestle at WrestleMania), he clearly had a good night in terms of delivering an outstanding match with a guy like Bad Bunny that is not a full-time wrestler. That’s not easy to do, but Priest & Bunny pulled it off.

According to PWInsider Elite, Damian Priest received a lot of praise within WWE. A source believes that Priest should be seen as a “top level player” in WWE moving forward.

Damian Priest will be in action on tonight’s Raw in one of the two triple threat matches on the show as part of the World Heavyweight Title tournament. Priest will be joined by The Miz, Finn Balor, Cody Rhodes, Seth Rollins and Shinsuke Nakamura.