Athena Explains Why AEW-ROH Is Better Fit For Her Than WWE Was

athena aew

Athena has explained why she feels AEW is a better spot for her compared to WWE.

At the Ring of Honor Final Battle pay-per-view on December 10th, Athena was finally about to get some gold since joining AEW at Double or Nothing in May. Athena challenged a longtime rival Mercedes Martinez for the ROH Women’s World Title at Final Battle with Athena finding a way to get the win.

Prior to joining WWE in 2015, Athena was considered one of the best independent women’s wrestlers out there. She became Ember Moon in September 2015 and had a lot of success in NXT over the next three years. Athena was the NXT Women’s Champion for 139 days and she also held the NXT Women’s Tag Team Titles as well.

While Athena had some success on the main roster, she was never pushed heavily and didn’t really become a top women’s wrestler in WWE while she was there. Athena was released by WWE in November 2021.

Since joining AEW, Athena was pushed as a contender for the TBS Title held by Jade Cargill, but she wasn’t able to win that from the dominant champion. Recently, Athena turned heel with a more aggressive attitude. It has worked out well for her as the ROH Women’s Title has shown.

At the post-Final Battle media press conference, Athena talked about feeling more comfortable in AEW, which owns ROH, compared to WWE. She referred to WWE as the “other place” in her comments.

“When I got to the other place, it wasn’t necessarily about the wrestling, it was about the entertainment, which isn’t bad. We tried that, it wasn’t a fit for me, but I think a big difference here is that, one, I know I’m good in the ring and it’s taken a while and I think I’ve proven myself to TK and just showed that I can do both. But mostly for me personally, especially with a Ring of Honor championship, this is a wrestling championship. I am a wrestler.”

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