Anger Over Tony Khan’s Handling Of Recent AEW Departure

Tony Khan AEW

Tony Khan has come under fire from some within AEW over his handling of a recent departure.

It was recently revealed that Kevin Sullivan — who worked as Vice President of Post Production has been let go by AEW. The move was made by Mike Mansury, AEW’s Senior Vice President and Co-Executive Producer.

Sullivan is hardly regarded within wrestling for his work with IMPACT Wrestling and later AEW, and his firing wasn’t popular within AEW.

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer noted that not only was Sullivan shocked by his firing, but many were “blindsided” by the decision.

“This blindsided many people. The story going around was Mansury told Sullivan that morning that they were moving in another direction in 2024. Sullivan had no idea it was coming and was given no real explanation as to why, just that it was a Mansury decision. Sullivan’s work has always been highly regarded in wrestling and out of wrestling.”

Tony Khan Criticised By Some Within AEW

Meltzer also reported that some within AEW were critical of Tony Khan who wasn’t involved in the decision. These people believe Khan could and perhaps should have stepped in given Sullivan’s contributions to AEW and high-quality work.

“There was criticism from some that Tony Khan didn’t step in and stop this from happening given Sullivan’s tenure and work. Another person noted to us “Another day one guy gone. Sad. Great guy. Worked tirelessly since the beginning. Really understood the original mission statement and feeling/image we were going for.” Others noted to us being in shock about it. Sullivan was heavily praised across the board.”

Tony Khan recently came under fire from Konnan, with the veteran claiming Khan only listens and takes advice from “top guys.”