Negativity Spreading In AEW Due To Shock Firing

Tony Khan AEW

Negativity is said to be spreading within AEW after one of the company’s original behind-the-scenes staff was let go.

AEW’s Vice President of Post Production Kevin Sullivan has been let go by the company in a move that is believed to have surprised many. The decision is believed to have been made by Mike Mansury, the Senior Vice President and Co-Executive Producer who joined AEW from WWE in December 2022. Sullivan had been part of AEW since the start after a spell in IMPACT Wrestling.

People In AEW Unhappy At Release

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer gave more information on Sullivan’s release and said it is the cause of some negativity in the company:

The whole post-production team were his team so a lot of people were very, very surprised. There’s a lot of people who are not happy about this today which is also one of the reasons why there’s a lot of – again all day [I’ve been] hearing negativity is because of this one because he’s been there since the start. There’s this feeling that the company is changing and it always is and it has to, you’re always gonna change. But the feeling that it’s changed and it’s become something that it wasn’t and this is another sign.

The idea that they took a guy from WWE and replaced him – I can’t even say replaced because they were two different jobs. Mike Mansury is the head of the production at the shows and Kevin Sullivan was the head of the post-production but the idea that they brought in a guy from WWE and put him above the guy they had and had the ability to get rid of [Sullivan].

So that was for people who had been there from the start it’s another thing of WWE guys taking the place of people who were here from the start.

QT Marshall recently announced he was resigning from AEW and also noted that the company has changed as one of the reasons that he was moving on.

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