AEW Talent Reveals Real Reason They Were Taken Out Of Huge Storyline

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The Blackpool Combat Club and The Elite finally seemed to settle the score inside Blood & Guts and now one AEW star reveals why they were removed from the brutal feud earlier in 2023.

The BCC and The Elite already boasted four members each when they went to war in Anarchy In The Arena at AEW Double Or Nothing in May. That wild bout saw Konosuke Takeshita team up with Don Callis in turning his back on The Elite and he became a constant presence in the feud that followed.

With a five-on-four disadvantage for The Elite, Kenny Omega sought out an old lover and Kota Ibushi completed The Golden Elite for the Blood & Guts match. An injury to Bryan Danielson at Forbidden Door saw him miss out and PAC was added to the fray seeking revenge on The Elite following Death Triangle’s series with The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega over the AEW Trios Title.

With more bodies than most feuds, periphery Elite member Brandon Cutler has revealed on Comedy Store Wrestling that he was behind the decision to take himself and Michael Nakazawa out of the feud, suffering a vicious attack at the hands of the Blackpool Combat Club:

“In all honesty, that was an idea I had for that angle (Cutler referring to BCC taking him & Michael Nakazawa out), being that there is 10 people in the angle (BCC vs The Elite) where it’s (a) five-on-five team that they were building for this Blood & Guts that had just happened this past week and so early in that angle, it was kind of apparent that I was like, every time they do these little brawls or something or, these guys will be here after a match and they’ll come in and jump and I was always standing outside of the ring with a camera and I’m like, should I get hit?

“Or should I fight at all? Or should I just stand there and record this and after a couple of those, I was like, yeah, maybe me and Nak should get taken out for this angle and so I threw that idea out there to the wind, to everybody that I was like, hey, what if how BBC — I’ve constantly called them BBC. (laughs). BCC. It’s unnatural for me to say BCC.

“But yeah, after a couple of those times, I was like, ‘Hey! You guys, since you’re kind of taking everybody out –’ they did Hangman (Adam Page) with the screwdriver and Don (Callis), clubbed him and they ended up getting a nice gash on his head. I was like, ‘What if you guys kind of do that to me and Nak? But it’s a little more gruesome and then it takes us out for the rest of the angle so then we don’t have to have 12 or 13 or 14-ish because Don and now you got (Konosuke) Takeshita and all these others are kind of coming in.

“Then I’m like, ‘What if it wipes us out and then you guys can have your angle?’ That it’s already 10 people deep, that it’s already so many chefs in the kitchen. So I was like, ‘Yeah, and then we can peace out for the rest of this thing, once they do that,’ and everyone kind of bit on it and then it became, for the day that I pitched it, it became how brutally can they beat us up?”

Brandon Cutler then explained how the reality of what happened to him and Michael Nakazawa at the hands of the BCC on-screen came to be:

“It was a lot of ideas thrown out of, ‘Ohhhhhh, what if we had you guys locked up in a place backstage and then we drag you out into the ring?’ There was a lot of different ideas of how they can brutalize us and then that was kind of (what) the end result ended up being is what you guys saw.”

The Golden Elite walked away with the win in Blood & Guts with PAC first abandoning his team before Konosuke Takeshita did the same at the behest of the slimy Don Callis.

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