Bryan Danielson Provides Post-Surgery Update, Shares New X-Ray Photo

Bryan Danielson

Bryan Danielson took to social media to update fans on the surgery required to fix his arm following Forbidden Door.

Forbidden Door saw Bryan Danielson go to war with Kazuchika Okada in a main event dream match. Midway through the bout, Danielson suffered a broken forearm when Okada hit an elbow drop. Despite the injury, Danielson finished the match, forcing Okada to tap out to an improvised submission when he couldn’t lock in the Labell Lock.

After the bout, Danielson spoke at a media scrum and confirmed that he’d broken his right forearm and expected to be out for 6-8 weeks as a result. Danielson’s wife Brie Garcia took to social media days later and shared a photo of his x-ray, saying the break was “worse than we thought.”

Now, Danielson has taken to social media to update fans on his recovery, revealing that he underwent surgery two weeks ago and had a steel rod and multiple screws placed to help him heal.

“Also, to give everyone an update before #AEWDynamite , I got surgery on my arm about two weeks ago, where they put in a steel rod and 9 screws. Surgery went well and I’m on the road to recovery. Thank you all for the support, and check out #BloodAndGuts tonight!”

Ahead of his injury, Bryan Danielson was planned to be part of the Blood and Guts match on July 19th. However, Tony Khan recently said the unfortunate situation has a silver lining, as it allows PAC to return and be part of the match.