AEW Stars Say Special Entrance Was Scrapped At All In

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More AEW talent were scheduled to have a special entrance at All In.

Not only was All In the biggest wrestling show of all time but Tony Khan spent extra so that select wrestlers would make the night extra special. Some of the most notable entrances included Sting walking to the ring to his old “Seek & Destroy” theme by Metallica and Chris Jericho getting to perform “Judas” live alongside Fozzy.

Appearing at Starrcast, Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta revealed that there were plans for Trent’s mum Sue to feature much earlier in the Stadium Stampede match. Taylor revealed that the minivan was due to arrive as the group made their entrance, but it was changed to later on the day before:

Chuck: “Our entrance, I don’t want to get too inside, but we didn’t know when Sue would come out. Maybe she would drive us to the ring, maybe she would come out at the end.

“We decided (she should) come out in the middle. They changed our entrance the night before.”

Trent: “It was going to be Sue taking us.”

Chuck: “Orange got a text message from production telling him, ‘we have a bunch of fireworks for you.’ In a text message, it was, ‘When you guys do this (raise your arms), we’re going to blow up the roof of Wembley Stadium.’ What a last minute thing to spend that much money on fireworks.”

Sue would drive the minivan and give out cookie sheets to The Best Friends partway through the match.

AEW All In Heralded As A Success

The first-ever UK show for All Elite Wrestling proved to be a lucrative venture as 81,035 people bought tickets for the event, a figure that has since been proven to be legitimate. The event is also estimated to have strong pay-per-view buy numbers.

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