AEW Star Slams “Piece Of Sh*t” Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar kimuras Cody Rhodes

Brock Lesnar takes great pleasure in doing exactly what he wants when he wants as Cody Rhodes found out to his great cost again on Monday Night Raw.

The issues between Lesnar and Rhodes date back to the night after WrestleMania 39 when an embittered Rhodes challenged Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa to a tag team match. With Paul Heyman laying down several stipulations that made it unlikely for anyone to want to team up with Rhodes, The Tribal Chief was stunned when Brock Lesnar signaled his intent to do just that.

Moments before the bout took place later in the night, however, plans changed when Brock Lesnar launched a shocking attack on Cody Rhodes. Lesnar decimated The American Nightmare leading to their one-on-one match at Backlash. In that bout, Lesnar appeared to have the upper hand with Rhodes locked in the Kimura, however, Rhodes used his weight to roll Lesnar up and pick up the pinfall win.

On Raw in Hershey, PA, Brock Lesnar remained incensed at Rhodes, attacking him in the backstage area one week after challenging him to a fight at Night of Champions. Rhodes didn’t take things lying down however and went after Lesnar later in the night only to have his arm apparently broken in the Kimura submission.

AEW star and Cody Rhodes’ older brother Dustin Rhodes gave his blunt assessment of the situation on social media, simply stating:

“@BrockLesnar is a piece of sh*t!!”

Despite the apparently broken arm, Cody Rhodes told Triple H at the end of Monday Night Raw that he still intended to go through with his fight against Brock Lesnar in Saudi Arabia.