AEW Star Said To Be Ok Despite Double Or Nothing Injury Scare

Malakai Black AEW logo blur

An AEW star has escaped serious injury following a bloody battle at Double or Nothing.

AEW Double or Nothing wasn’t an event for the fainthearted. In the main event aptly titled Anarchy in the Arena there was chaos and violence galore with weapons and thumbtacks used with abandon, Darby Allin was hung upside down from the rafters by his feet, and there was the small matter of Jack Perry being set on fire.

However, the night had already seen its fair share of madness with a brutal Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match between Malakai Black and Adam Copeland. The House of Black star bled heavily, and Copeland made a jump from the top of the cage trying to put his rival through a table.

Thankfully, Mike Johnson of PWInsider noted that despite concern backstage for Black, he’s escaped any serious damage.

“ is told there was concern for him after the cage match due to the amount of blood he lost but he was OK after, just really banged up and exhausted, as one might imagine after going through that insane match.”

Adam Copeland Set For AEW Absence

While Malakai Black has emerged unscathed, it’s been confirmed his opponent wasn’t so lucky. In a new post on social media, Adam Copeland has announced he broke his leg when he came off the top of the cage landing almost feet first and only hitting Black with a glancing blow.

In the clip, the veteran said he “got cocky” after recent performances, but his body quickly reminded him he’s 50 years old. Copeland has suffered a fractured tibia and will be out of the ring for several months.

AEW star Eddie Kingston also requires surgery after breaking his leg in a recent match. However, Kingston’s surgery is having to wait for that to heal as he also suffered torn ligaments which means he will be out for around a year.