Adam Copeland Needs Surgery After AEW Double Or Nothing Injury

Adam Copeland

Adam Copeland has revealed the extent of his injuries following AEW Double Or Nothing as he becomes the second star in a matter of weeks to break his leg.

At AEW Double Or Nothing, Adam Copeland looked to end the war he’s been involved with against The House of Black as he put the TNT Title on the line against Malakai Black in a Barbed Wire Steel Cage match.

The bloody battle saw Buddy Matthews and Brody King get involved but they were eventually taken out by WWE Attitude Era star Gangrel who saved his former Brood comrade.

At one point in the match, hearts were in mouths as Adam Copeland laid Black on a table in the ring before he scaled the ropes. Then the WWE Hall of Famer scaled the cage but as he leapt from the top of the structure he landed feet first in the ring, catching Black with a glancing blow that put him through the table.

Adam Copeland Suffers Broken Tibia At AEW Double Or Nothing

Now on social media, Adam Copeland has revealed what many feared – that the leap from the cage had left him with a serious injury. In a video, Copeland revealed he had suffered a fractured tibia

Double Or Nothing, flew back yesterday. Malakai Black, the dude’s an animal. All of The House of Black are really, really damn good. As you’re about to find out in this video, I guess the House always does win because I gained two new friends (crutches). I don’t really like them, they’re kind of like those buddies that just annoy you but they’re always there. Maybe I’ll name them Brody or Buddy or something (laughs).

Anyway, I’ve been feeling really good lately, having so much fun in the ring and I got cocky which is what it really boils down to. I’m probably a narcissist, an egomaniac and I’ll unpack that one day. But yeah, my brain forgets what my body always seems to remember. I’m 50 and I need to make better choices so my body pulled the emergency brake on me the other night and I ended up fracturing my tibia which is gonna require surgery, don’t know the timeframe on that yet.

Ruby’s (Copeland’s daughter) birthday is on Friday and I want to enjoy that and focus on all the positives in my life because there’s way more of that than the bad. Even this surgery, I know what I gotta do, I’ll find out the timeframe next week and I will see you soon-ish.

AEW star Eddie Kingston also requires surgery after breaking his leg in a recent match. However, Kingston’s surgery is having to wait for that to heal as he also suffered torn ligaments which means he will be out for around a year.

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