AEW Star Hits Back At Retirement Rumours

AEW Logo over roster

One AEW star is planning on sticking around.

On March 6th, it was reported that Matt Hardy’s AEW contract would expire before the end of the month. There have reportedly been talks between the company and the veteran but it’s unknown whether this will result in a contract extension.

Hardy signed with AEW in 2019 but has found his appearances limited in 2024, wrestling just once since the turn of the year.

As a small aside, Jeff Hardy’s contract initially lined up with his brother’s. but time was added due to his lengthy absences.

This has sparked speculation that Matt Hardy could be looking to hang up his boots. Hardy made his televised debut back in 1994 and his body has taken an unbelievable level of punishment in the decades since.

However, in responding to a post on social media, the veteran said he’ll be sticking around for a while yet.

Matt Hardy Defends AEW Star

During a recent episode of his podcast, Matt Hardy came to the defence of Darby Allin and his death-defying leap at Revolution. During the main event which served as Sting’s final match, Allin jumped from a ladder inside the ring to the ringside area through a sheet of glass.

The stunt drew criticism from some while being praised by others. Hardy praised the star for being a “true definition of what the Hardy Boys were supposed to be.”