AEW Star Defends Darby Allin’s Insane Spot At Revolution

Darby Allin glass

Sting and Darby Allin teamed up for the final time at AEW Revolution and one star in the company was a big fan of Allin’s extreme antics in the match.

Sting’s career came to an end at Revolution in Greensboro, North Carolina as he and Darby Allin put the AEW Tag Team Championship on the line against The Young Bucks.

In an emotionally charged match, The Icon came out on top one last time as he made Matt Jackson tap out to the Scorpion Death Lock to retain the gold. Tony Khan vacated the title after the show and announced a tournament would be held to crown new champions.

However, once the dust had settled and the tributes had been paid, much of the attention turned to Darby Allin throwing himself off a ladder to the floor through plate glass that left his back a bloody mess for the rest of the bout. Jim Cornette blasted Darby Allin as a “complete idiot” with his unsurprising take on the moment but one AEW star not unfamiliar with a ladder has defended his colleague.

Matt Hardy Understands Darby Allin

Speaking on his Extreme Life podcast, Matt Hardy had his say on the match and the death-defying spot Darby Allin put himself through and said the fact that it’s so polarizing is what made him love it:

I love the fact that it’s a polarizing thing, the thing that Darby did where he jumped out into the sheet of glass and the chairs and whatnot and he was out for the match. I think that spot was appropriate in many ways. I’m not saying that’s something that I would have specifically done, but I understand Darby. I know how he thinks and he is the true definition of what the Hardy Boys were supposed to be.

He is a total adrenaline junkie that wants to just keep upping and upping and upping and upping and upping and upping the bar and doing something more crazy. He’s a true daredevil, almost masochistic in some ways, but you know, he did this. He’s out and you have Sting defend off both of the Young Bucks and you put him in a very vulnerable, jeopardized position which I loved.

Then you get to see flashes of the old Sting, him no-selling. He goes through the table. He no-sells. He takes the super kicks. He absorbs it and he no sells and comes back and eventually taps out one of the Bucks, taps out Matt Jackson. I loved every single thing about it. It was emotional. They told a good story.

Sting looked as great as Sting could look in that match, in those moments, and Darby did a hell of a job carrying his end too. Kudos. A big round of applause to everybody involved. They killed it and once again, I will applaud Tony Khan for getting Sting there and sending him out the right way.