AEW Star Gives Heartbroken Response After Firing

Young Bucks AEW

The power-hungry Young Bucks have already fired one of the company’s executives on Dynamite and he’s now issued an emotional response.

Over the past few weeks, The Young Bucks have taken out AEW owner Tony Khan before The Elite attacked EVP Kenny Omega who is still out of action due to serious illness. And now The Young Bucks have flexed their influence once again, handing out a firing live on AEW Dynamite.

On Dynamite in Everett, Washington, The Young Bucks clashed with Christopher Daniels and Matt Sydal in a tag team match. After the bout, Matthew Jackson had more bad news for Daniels who is also AEW’s Head of Talent Relations as he told him:

Christopher Daniels, last week you spoke down to us, and you even put your hands on me! As an executive, you should know better. We’re trying to clean up the locker room and the office from toxicity. You’re trying to screw things up, are you kidding me. So, unfortunately, Christopher Daniels, we’ve got to let you go. You’re fired!”

But don’t worry. We’ll get you a sweet severance package, so you’ll get a check for the next 30 days. And we’ve arranged for a security escort for you out of the building!

Christopher Daniels Heartbroken After AEW Firing

Speaking in a digital exclusive, a tearful Christopher Daniels gave his response to the on-screen firing and took issue with his former friends, The Young Bucks:

My whole life, I was proud to be a professional wrestler. I loved wrestling, but I also knew it was a grind. I was always trying to get that stability, that foundation for my life. Not for me, not for me. For my wife, for my daughter, for my son.

All the years, all the companies that I was part of, TNA, Ring of Honor, it was always just out of reach, that stability, that foundation, that sure feeling that I was taken care of. Finally, when it was near the end of my career, along comes AEW.

Yeah, I was super fortunate that Matt and Nick Jackson asked me to come along for the ride, to be here from the very first day. Finally, I could look at my wife, I could look at my daughter and my son, and tell them that everything was gonna be ok.

I know these jobs can be taken from you like that, but I never thought it would be Matt and Nick that took the job away from me. So Matt, Nick, I hope you’re f*cking happy, you son of a bitch.

Christopher Daniels’ time as Head of Talent Relations for AEW has been a tumultuous one. It was widely reported that Daniels was barred from attending Collision while CM Punk was the star of that show during the last days of his ill-fated time in AEW.

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