AEW Star Denies They Were Sanctioned By Bryan Danielson

Bryan Danielson AEW

Bryan Danielson didn’t prevent an AEW star from posting on social media.

As 2023 has progressed it’s come to light that Bryan Danielson’s influence backstage in AEW has grown. The veteran is now reportedly heavily involved in creative — at least on Collision, and oversees disciplinary issues. This is believed to include AEW star’s conduct on social media.

However, multiple AEW wrestlers have dismissed that Danielson’s had an impact on their social media activity. After Mike Santana laughed off claims he’d been disciplined by Danielson, Saraya has also jumped in to deny that the American Dragon has been involved in her hiatus.

In response to a fan on social media claiming Danielson was involved, Saraya said it was her decision to take a break.

“I took a long social media break. Not because anyone told me not to haha. Ain’t no one telling sh*t about my twitter I can do what I want 🫶🏻”

Bryan Danielson Involved In AEW Firing CM Punk

The reports around Bryan Danielson increased after it came to light that he was involved in the decision to fire CM Punk.

Danielson later confirmed he was part of a disciplinary committee that helped decide Punk’s fate.