AEW Star Names Coffin Match With Darby Allin As Scariest Moment Of Career

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It turns out that wrestling against Darby Allin in a Coffin Match is pretty scary, according to one AEW wrestler.

Darby Allin may not look like the toughest guy on the AEW roster since he weighs about 170 pounds, but the man is known for his ability to take a beating and for dishing it out as well.

Over the past five years since AEW started, Darby Allin has shown his toughness by competing in multiple Coffin Matches. The Coffin Match is similar to the Casket Match that WWE’s The Undertaker did many times in his career. Since Allin uses a finishing move called a Coffin Drop where he does a backward splash onto his fallen opponent, it’s fitting that he has become a master at Coffin Matches.

In July 2021, Darby Allin had a very personal feud with Ethan Page that led to a Coffin Match at the Fyter Fest show that year.

During an interview with Chris Van Vliet’s Insight podcast, Ethan Page talked about how scary it was taking a bump inside a coffin while Allin went crashing through it.

“That coffin match was, I think it still is taking time off my career, that one was rough. It was easily the scariest moment of my career. The coffin is closed, and the lid is shut. I have no clue what’s happening. I’m gonna get hit when I’m gonna get hit. I’m just [thinking] thank God the match is over, that was extremely painful. But also, I’m alone in this box, no one’s talking to me. It’s not like I have something in my ear.”

“And then here comes this body crashing through this box and it’s landing right on my knees and I’m in the fetal position, which is not something you want to be in just to be cramped in the box. Anyway, that was the scariest thing for me. But yeah, being in that box was the scariest thing ever in my career, and probably will be ever.”

Why Is Darby Allin Taking A Break From AEW?

Darby Allin has been an ally of Sting during his AEW career. The two men are undefeated as a tag team that will likely be tough to beat as Sting plans to retire at Revolution in March.

In November 2023, Darby Allin left AEW so that he could train for his attempted climb of Mount Everest in 2024. There’s no word on when Allin will return to AEW television.

As for Ethan Page, he’s in action on the December 9th edition of AEW Collision against Kenny Omega in a match that has already been taped.

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