AEW’s Darby Allin Still Performing Crazy Stunts Despite Injury Issues (VIDEO)

darby allin aew face paint

Darby Allin is known as a risk-taker in the wrestling ring and he’s willing to take risks outside of the ring too.

When it comes to being fearless in the ring, former two-time AEW TNT Champion Darby Allin is a man who is willing to take any bump, no matter how dangerous it is.

At the WrestleDream PPV earlier this month when Allin faced Christian Cage, there were many scary bumps in the match including when Christian slammed Allin hard onto the edge of the steel steps. It was a bump that made people cringe, yet Allin is always willing to do things like that to entertain the fans.

Recently, Allin has spoken about having shoulder issues and he also appeared on AEW Dynamite last week with a sling.

Despite that, Allin recently did an incredible stunt at a recent Nitro Circus event. In a video posted by AEW’s Twitter/X account, Allin can be seen riding a small tricycle, then he goes down a huge ramp and does a flip that sees him land a huge jump that covers a lot of distance. Allin ended up landing properly and went crashing into the safety pads after the jump.

Darby Allin plans to climb Mount Everest in 2024

The risk-taking moments don’t stop there for Darby Allin, who has said that he wants to climb the huge Mount Everest in 2024.

Allin recently spoke about his interest in climbing Mount Everest by saying it would create a buzz for pro wrestling.

“To me, I feel like a lot of people in wrestling, like, ‘What’s your character?’, ‘I’m not scared of anything,’ and then in real life, they’re like, ‘Please don’t hurt me.’

I’m thinking outside the box, like how do we get more random buzz from people who don’t watch wrestling, and it’s like, if you see it on the news: ‘Pro wrestler climbs Mount Everest.’ Like, ‘What?’, and then they look into it. That’s my goal.”

There’s no word on if Allin’s shoulder injury will prevent his Mount Everest climb.

Allin is scheduled for a big tag team match at AEW Full Gear 2023 as he teams with Sting and a mystery partner (perhaps Adam Copeland) against TNT Champion Christian Cage, Luchasaurus and Nick Wayne, who is Allin’s former friend.