Darby Allin Recalls The Moment He “Made It” In AEW

Darby Allin

Darby Allin has looked back on the moment he knew he had “made it.”

The star has been with All Elite Wrestling since near the beginning and has become one of its most popular stars thanks to his daredevil style and dark persona.

His first match for the company took place at their second event, Fyter Fest, in June 2019 when he faced Cody Rhodes. As Allin was an unknown commodity to many fans, it was a shock when he not only held his own against The American Nightmare, but forced him to a time-limit draw.

During an appearance on ‘Lost Signals’, Allin revealed that just being in the match made him feel like he had “made it.”

“Honestly, I felt like I ‘made it’ when I made my [AEW] debut against Cody because even though that wasn’t national television yet, just being on that stage and that platform, making the entrance, I looked through all the people and I’m like, ‘Whoa.’ I felt like, in my mind, I made it.”

The former TNT Champion’s early days in the company also saw him facing Chris Jericho in a Street Fight with the AEW World Championship on the line. Although he lost the bout, Allin says it gave him the feeling that the promotion had faith in him.

“For [AEW] to take a chance and for Jericho to take a chance week three, that’s not a lot of weeks, was very like special to me. So, that was another feeling of, ‘Oh, the company has like faith in me,’ so it’s cool.”

Allin saw the bout as a make-or-break opportunity, so gave it his all to make sure nobody thought he wasn’t ready for the main event.

I pulled out all the tricks that I had in this brain and left nothing on the table because I don’t want someone to see that and be like, ‘Oh, Darby wasn’t quite ready.’ I want them to be like, ‘Yo, he’s ready.'”

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the above transcription.