Darby Allin Gives Update On Plans To Climb Mount Everest

Darby Allin AEW

Darby Allin has confirmed that he still plans on climbing Mount Everest, but doing so will cut into his wrestling career in a big way.

Allin hasn’t been shy about his willingness to put his body on the line in extreme and dangerous situations. Most of his AEW career has seen him throw himself and get thrown through or onto hard surfaces far worse and more unforgiving than a simple ring canvas.

Many fans appreciate Allin’s willingness to sacrifice his health and even his life for what he loves, and explained his newfound reputation as AEW’s “guinea pig” on an episode of the BJ & Migs Daily Podcast.

“To me, I feel like a lot of a people in wrestling, like, ‘What’s your character?’, ‘I’m not scared of anything,’ and then in real life, they’re like, ‘Please don’t hurt me.

I’m thinking outside the box, like how do we get more random buzz from people who don’t watch wrestling, and it’s like, if you see it on the news: ‘Pro wrestler climbs Mount Everest.’ Like, ‘What?’, and then they look into it. That’s my goal.”

What lies ahead for Darby Allin and his quest to climb Mount Everest?

Allin further revealed that the guides he hired to help him up Mount Everest required that he participate in extensive, months-long training in preparation for the climb.

He noted that he will have to step away from AEW as he will be in Switzerland in October, then China in November, and then New Zealand in February 2024. It isn’t known if he will have time to come back to wrestling between his training sessions in China and New Zealand.

Additionally, his climb is scheduled for April 2024 and is estimate to take up to two months. Allin further noted that is fully aware of the life-threatening risks that come with the expedition and stated he doesn’t care if he dies while climbing Everest.

h/t WrestlingInc.