AEW Star Advises Adam Cole To “Pull The Trigger” On MJF

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There is one AEW star who is giving some advice to Adam Cole to “pull the trigger” on MJF before Max does it to him.

Wardlow knows a lot about AEW because, for the first three years of his AEW career, he was associated with Maxwell Jacob Friedman as a friend and bodyguard. The storyline was that MJF “paid” Wardlow to work for him until Wardlow eventually broke free and became a contracted AEW talent in the spring of 2022.

At AEW Double or Nothing 2022 in May, Wardlow dominated MJF in a match like nobody before or since. Wardlow won in seven minutes while hitting ten Powerbombs. After the match, Wardlow signed a deal with AEW (in the storyline) and was free from working for MJF.

Since then, they have taken different paths with Wardlow winning the TNT Title three times. Meanwhile, MJF has been AEW World Champion for the past eleven months while also holding the ROH Tag Team Titles with best friend Adam Cole.

In an interview with Sports Nightly, Wardlow offered up some advice for Adam Cole.

“Pull the trigger before he does.”

What that means is Wardlow is telling Adam Cole to turn on MJF before Max does it to Adam just like Max did it to Wardlow in the past. That turn by Adam Cole will be difficult to do for several months since he had ankle surgery on Friday and will be out of action for several months.

Wardlow sees right through MJF’s BS

As he continued, Wardlow spoke about how sees through MJF’s act and even though the fans are cheering MJF these days, Wardlow doesn’t think that way. Wardlow recalled giving MJF ten Powerbombs at AEW Double or Nothing 2022 while adding that it wasn’t enough.

“Yeah, ten wasn’t enough. I don’t know if there is a number that exists that will satisfy me for the amount of Powerbombs that MJF is due, and deserves.”

“I understand in the past four months, he has somehow convinced everybody in the world to cheer for him, feel sad for him, and feel sorry for him. It just amazes me how somebody can do horrible evil things for years and then they come out and say sorry, and spew out some fake tears, and now all of a sudden everybody forgets about all the bad they’ve ever done and they want to embrace them.”

“Well, I’m a little more intelligent. I see right through his BS, and I am not one of the people that have sat at home cheering on MJF for the past four months.”

Wardlow was in action this past Wednesday on AEW Dynamite when he defeated Matt Sydal by knockout due to a barrage of Powerbombs. Wardlow looks as determined as ever.

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