AEW Locker Room Told To “Keep The Stuff On The Inside On The Inside”

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Amidst public drama between CM Punk and Adam Page, the AEW locker room was told to keep quiet about company business.

CM Punk’s AEW return hasn’t been without controversy, and ahead of the Collision debut on June 17th, he stirred the waters with an ESPN interview that referenced his very public feud with ‘Hangman’ Adam Page. In the interview, he claimed that Page “poisoned everything” during their AEW World Championship feud last year and even accused the star of deliberately taking shots at him in the ring.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer discussed the situation in a new interview with John Pollack and Brandon Thurston for POST Wrestling, first making mention of the division in the AEW locker room, saying it’s “worse now than it’s been” and “hasn’t gotten better.”

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Continuing, Meltzer said that Punk’s interview caused a stir in the locker room ahead of Wednesday’s episode of Dynamite, as did his Collision promo. He also reported that those in the locker room were told not to speak about internal business as that could be a bad look for the company.

“It was the talk of the locker room on Wednesday which led to a lot of issues … I am of the impression that people were expecting worse than it turned out to be but the people who really like Adam Page were not happy. Everyone there was pretty much told, ‘Like keep the stuff on the inside on the inside that if it gets out it’s not good for the company.’”

Meltzer made it clear that he doesn’t believe now was the time to air such comments about Page, whether Punk privately believed them to be true or not.

“Even if privately he believed it, this wasn’t the time to do it and Page is not someone is going to answer back so he becomes the bad guy … there was a feeling that he went after Page because he’s friends with The Young Bucks and he signed a thing where he couldn’t go after The Young Bucks.”

Punk is current set to appear on the June 21st episode of Dynamite, while Kenny Omega is not expected to appear live.

h/t Inside the Ropes