AEW Figure Says Success For Wyatt Sicks Will Be “Challenging”

Uncle Howdy and Wyatt Sicks in silhouette

It won’t be easy for the Wyatt Sicks in WWE.

After weeks of teases, the Wyatt Sicks finally made their presence felt on the June 17th episode of Monday Night Raw. The group made up of Uncle Howdy, Erick Rowan, Joe Gacy, Dexter Lumis, and Nikki Cross smashed up the backstage area, leaving several bloodied bodies lying in their wake.

The group is a tribute to the late Bray Wyatt, although WWE is reportedly moving away utilising supernatural elements in their presentation.

Despite this, while speaking on Grilling JR, Jim Ross explained why he feels the group is facing an uphill battle to find success. However, the WWE Hall of Famer is pulling for those involved to make it work.

“I saw highlights of it, I did. I think it’s gonna be challenging to make it work. Bray Wyatt cast a massive shadow, and he was amazingly talented. The new group doesn’t have anybody that, to me, and I don’t mean to be course, but Bray Wyatt can’t be replaced.

So the more that WWE can make this new group different, the better off they’ll be. But to try to emulate and to replicate step-by-step, it’s gonna be really challenging.

That’s like saying, ‘We’ll get another bald guy with a goatee that can do. stunner, and he’ll be [Steve] Austin.’ Well, it don’t work that way. It just does not work that way. So look, I’m all for those guys being successful and going well. It’s all about the business and guys getting an opportunity to provide better for their families, which I’m all for. But I think it’s gonna be challenging,”

Ex-WWE Star Hints At Link-Up With Wyatt Sicks

Meanwhile, Matt Hardy has hinted he could become involved with the Wyatt Sicks in the future. Speaking on his podcast, the veteran admitted there had been “some conversations” about him being involved given his history with Bray Wyatt.

Hardy is currently appearing in TNA alongside his brother Jeff after leaving AEW. However, neither man is under contract.

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