Uncle Howdy Leaves WWE Stars Battered As Faction Debuts On Raw

WWE Uncle Howdy Wyatt Sicks

In one of the most disturbing moments in Raw history, Uncle Howdy and his new faction finally made their debut in WWE after weeks of teases.

For weeks QR codes and mysterious messages have plagued WWE television as the company teased the re-introduction of Uncle Howdy and his group. This was the same way the company teased Bray Wyatt’s return in 2022 but Wyatt tragically passed away in August 2023 at the age of just 36 leaving his real-life brother Bo Dallas to continue his legacy.

Dallas portrays the Uncle Howdy character and on Raw in Corpus Christi, Howdy arrived in but he wasn’t alone.

Wyatt Sicks Arrives In WWE

With the crowd already lighting up the arena following Jey Uso’s win over Finn Balor and Rey Mysterio to qualify for Money In The Bank, a familiar noise could be heard as the lights started to go out. Very soon Bray Wyatt’s doorway was seen in the entranceway and it soon swung open before a demon-like woman crawled through it – that woman was former Raw Women’s Champion Nikki Cross, although that was not mentioned on the show.

She pointed backstage and the camera operators walked to the back where they surveyed a scene of bloody destruction. A masked Erick Rowan was seen clutching Wyatt’s mallet as he stood over bloodied WWE stars. As the tour continued, both Dexter Lumis and Joe Gacy – both masked – were found as well with a close-up of Chad Gable showing blood oozing from the side of his head.

That led to the big reveal of Uncle Howdy himself who walked through the carnage and was followed by his group where he announced “We’re here” before blowing out Bray Wyatt’s lantern.

WWE quickly released merchandise after Raw revealing the group’s name to be “Wyatt Sicks.” Wyatt 6 was believed to be the name a group led by the late Bray Wyatt was going to use in the company but that did not end up taking place.