TNA Star Teases Possibly Working With WWE’s Wyatt Sicks Group

WWE Wyatt Sicks

A former champion in WWE could be coming back one day to be part of the storyline involving the Wyatt Sicks group.

The ending of WWE Monday Night Raw on June 17th got a lot of people talking because it was the debut of the group known as the Wyatt Sicks. The group consists of WWE superstars Bo Dallas (as Uncle Howdy) along with Erick Rowan, Joe Gacy, and Dexter Lumis in costumes while Nikki Cross is also a part of with a unique look of her own.

It’s a group that was teased for months in advance as the five wrestlers (and WWE) pay tribute to the late, great Bray Wyatt, who is the older brother of Bo Dallas. The reason it’s called the Wyatt Sicks (or 6) with five members is because they are there to honor Wyatt’s legacy with the idea that Bray is the sixth member of the group.

Before Bray Wyatt passed away in August 2023, there were rumors that he would have some sort of new Wyatt Family group and that could be what we are seeing with the Wyatt Sicks stable that just debuted on Raw.

Did Matt Hardy Talk To WWE About The Wyatt Sicks Group?

Matt Hardy feuded with Bray Wyatt and was also a Tag Team Champion with Bray, so he has a unique history with the former WWE Champion. Matt Hardy is currently a free agent who has agreed to a short-term deal with TNA Wrestling along with his brother Jeff Hardy. Matt recently challenged for the TNA World Title against Moose.

On a recent episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the older Hardy brother Matt confirmed that he did speak to WWE about the Wyatt Sicks group and that perhaps he could involved in the story in the future.

“The group was established. But there were some conversations that I took part in that maybe down the road there might be something, especially because of my history with Bray.”

The June 22nd episode of WWE Smackdown from Chicago will be the first main roster show since Monday’s Raw ended with the Wyatt Sicks group attacking multiple people including Chad Gable. It’s not known if the Wyatt Sicks group will be a part of Smackdown as well or if the storyline is just a Raw thing.

Fans can find out by tuning into Smackdown tonight and reading about it on TJRWrestling as well.