AEW Dynamite Repeats Segment Due To Audio Issues

AEW Dynamite set

AEW Dynamite was forced to play the same segment twice on October 4th, causing chaos later on in the evening.

Fans watching the show on TBS noticed a problem when watching the pre-taped segment between Roderick Strong and Adam Cole, where the dialogue was pretty much inaudible throughout. Following the next segment that saw Wardlow make his unannounced return to action, the cameras cut back to the commentary desk. Excalibur noted that there was an issue with TBS so fans were unable to hear the Strong and Cole segment correctly, so the sketch aired for a second time.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer confirmed that only TBS viewers experienced this issue:

“This was a TBS because I believe in Canada and I know for sure on FITE they heard it fine. Well, it was not it was not an issue from the building. It was an issue somehow on TBS where they didn’t get the sound of that segment and replayed it later, so we did get the sound later.”

Fans watching the show had no problems with the broadcast until the final segment, which saw Adam Copeland call out Christian Cage. With TBS being the cause of the audio issue, the network granted a small overrun to compensate. However, this was not relayed to the FITE broadcast, who found their feed cut off before Cage gave his brutal response to Copeland’s request. Bryan Alvarez confirmed that his feed was cut off:

“Well, they showed this segment and you couldn’t hear a word. And when it was over, I was like, I have no idea what happened there. So then, about ten minutes later, Excalibur goes, ‘Well, we hear he didn’t get to see that on television. So we’re going to replay it for you and we’re going to get an overrun as a result.’ So they replay it. And quite frankly, I mean, we didn’t miss much. We didn’t miss a lot.

And then they go back to the show and then because they had the added time, for people like me that watch it. At this point, it’s set for two hours and one minute. I have no idea what happened at the end of the show with Edge and Christian because it went long because of a technical issue.”

AEW Hopes For Less Production Issues On October 10th

AEW Dynamite will go head-to-head with NXT on Tuesday, October 10th, marking a rare occasion where the two biggest promotions will broadcast content simultaneously. With NXT promising a big show on Tuesday, AEW have countered by also loading up their card.

H/t to Wrestling News