AEW Had Plans For The Briscoes To Make AEW Debut At All Out 2022

briscoe brothers roh tag team titles

AEW attempted to put the Briscoe Brothers on their television and pay-per-view shows like All Out 2022, but it was not allowed.

Following the tragic death of Jay Briscoe of the Briscoe Brothers tag team with brother Mark, there is news coming out about how AEW tried to get The Briscoes on their television shows, but Warner Bros Discovery executives would not allow it.

It was on January 17th when Jay Briscoe was driving his car in Laurel, Delaware with his two daughters and a driver in another lane went into his lane for some reason leading to a head-on collision. Jay and the woman driving the other car were killed while Jay’s daughters are in the hospital.

The reason why The Briscoes were not allowed on AEW TV is because Jay made some insensitive comments over a decade ago that offended a lot of people. While Jay apologized about it profusely and many people in wrestling forgave him, apparently it wasn’t good enough.

Nick Jackson made these comments in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter about it.

“Jay took sensitivity training before signing and everyone I’ve talked to said how genuine he seemed and how different his opinions were during the training and just how much of a sweetheart he was and I had many conversations with them about it all too and he was definitely a changed man. I just wish he was given a better opportunity for forgiveness while he was still here with us. He was such a good human being. The best of hearts.”

After Tony Khan bought ROH early in 2022, The Briscoe Brothers were quickly signed to ROH contracts. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s Dave Meltzer also reported that there were multiple attempts for AEW to put the Briscoe Brothers on their shows.

“This past year there were many attempts to get them on the show. They were actually flown in a few times to television, but they weren’t allowed to be used. There were plans for them on the 9/4 All Out show in Chicago, to be in a six-man tag with FTR & Wardlow vs. The Briscoes & Jay Lethal.”

“But without being able to promote it on television and because the broadcast partners didn’t want them on AEW broadcasts, the decision was made to bring the Motor City Machine Guns in out of nowhere to team with Lethal.”

The last match that Jay Briscoe had in ROH was at Final Battle on December 10th, 2022 when he and his brother Mark beat FTR in a critically acclaimed Double Dog Collar Match that saw Dem Boys regain the ROH Tag Team Titles for the 13th time.