Adam Copeland Admits There’s Less Handcuffs in AEW

Adam Copeland makes AEW Collision entrance

Adam Copeland is excited to face more of the stars of AEW with no “handcuffs”.

Since the moment he first appeared in AEW at WrestleDream back in October, Copeland has been engaged in a feud with his longtime friend and tag team partner, Christian Cage. The pair have met in the ring twice, but both times, Cage has escaped with the TNT Championship still in his possession. On March 20th, the rivalry will finally come to an end as Adam Copeland and Christian Cage will settle things in an “I Quit” Match in Toronto, Canada.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Copeland said that the story with Christian had to come first when he joined the company as it “couldn’t be ignored.” However, The Rated-R Superstar is already looking forward to mixing it up with other stars on the roster, and a big part of that is being able to work without the “handcuffs” he had in the PG-rated WWE.

“We had to tackle this first, it couldn’t be ignored. To me, we had to do this story right, the way we always thought it could be.

“After this, there is a whole roster of people I want to wrestle. To me, it feels like the late 90’s. There are less handcuffs here. We’re able to try more here, and that’s exactly what I want.”

Turning to the “I Quit” match, Copeland promises he will “take chances” in a bout that has a special meaning to him.

“With an ‘I Quit’ match, there is a finality to it. We’re going to go out and feel the audience, react, and take chances. When you watch Christian, he’s such an a**hole, I can’t wait to feel the energy from the crowd.

“It’s a real story, and that adds a different twist. This is our third match in AEW, and there is a lot of special meaning in this one. When I made the decision to continue wrestling, I came back for a match like this.”

Adam Copeland Almost Retired Before Joining AEW

Adam Copeland has admitted that he didn’t know if he would continue wrestling after WWE. The star’s last match in that company saw him defeat Sheamus in Toronto back in August, and he says he didn’t know at the time if it would be his final bout.