Adam Copeland Reveals Just How Close He Came To Retirement In 2023

Adam Copeland entrance AEW Dynamite

Adam Copeland nearly called it quits.

The August 18th, 2023 episode of SmackDown was promoted as the last time Edge would wrestle in his hometown of Toronto, Canada. There was also a strong implication he’d never wrestle again.

However, following the expiry of his contract, the WWE Hall of Famer headed to AEW wrestling under his real name Adam Copeland. Since becoming All Elite Copeland has been open about why he decided to extend his career, commenting he wants to end his run alongside best friend Christian Cage.

On the March 20th episode of Dynamite, Adam Copeland and Christian Cage will meet in an “I Quit” Match back in Toronto.

While appearing on TSN 1050, Copeland was asked about returning to Toronto and admitted that he almost retired after his match in August against Sheamus.

“Any time I get to come home, right? The last time I performed in Toronto, I didn’t know if I would continue wrestling, I really didn’t. Fast forward six or seven months later, here I am, and it’s kind of my perfect storm.

I’m wrestling a guy that I’ve known since the sixth grade. We’re doing it in our hometown. It’s an I Quit match. There are all of these stakes. It’s so much fun. If you had told 12-year-old Adam in Orangeville that one day, 40 years down the road, we’d be stepping into the ring against each other, I’d say you’re nuts, but here we are,

When Is Adam Copeland Planning To Retire

While his career’s not over just yet, back in January, Adam Copeland broke down his retirement plan. The veteran explained he’s got a “two-year window” to do as much as he can and try and elevate as much talent as possible.

Dynamite will be the second time Copeland has met Cage for the TNT Title since joining AEW.

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