Adam Cole Injury Could Change AEW WrestleDream Match

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An injury to Adam Cole could change a match that AEW had planned for the WrestleDream pay-per-view.

The AEW Dynamite Grand Slam episode was praised by a lot of people for having great matches, but it was a rough night for two top stars. Jon Moxley suffered a concussion during his match with Rey Fenix while Adam Cole was sent to the hospital even though he didn’t wrestle that night.

In the main event of Dynamite Grand Slam, Cole’s “best friend” AEW World Champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF) defended the World Title against Samoa Joe, the ROH TV Champion. It was a tough match with both guys nearly winning a few times, but MJF got the win after choking Joe with some tape and applying a Coquina Clutch-style submission move to cause Joe to pass out from the pain.

Part of the reason that MJF won is because Adam Cole was at ringside for the final minutes of the match to urge MJF on and help him cheat. However, it was also noticeable that Cole was limping around because he jumped off the ramp to be at ringside and when he landed, Cole turned his ankle.

Adam Cole’s injury could change a planned AEW WrestleDream match

At the upcoming AEW WrestleDream PPV on October 1st in Seattle, the plan was for MJF & Cole to defend their ROH Tag Team Titles against The Righteous. However, there are now serious concerns about Cole’s injury.

In this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer detailed the Adam Cole injury while also questioning AEW’s booking decision.

“Adam Cole ran in at the end of the MJF vs. Samoa Joe title match. He jumped off the ramp to the floor while running and his ankle or knee went out. He did all the spots he was supposed to do in that finish but was limping and not moving well. He was taken to the hospital after the match and we still haven’t heard a diagnosis. Because nobody heard anything on Cole, people feared the worst.”

“Cole & MJF were scheduled to defend the ROH tag titles on the 10/1 PPV against Vincent & Dutch, but that’s obviously in jeopardy. I have no earthly idea why MJF would be in a match with those two on a PPV show. He should be defending the title, but if it was going to be a tag title match it should have been with either FTR or the Young Bucks, or at worse Penta & Fenix.”

“Even The Kingdom, who were teased more as opponents and the storyline makes more sense, maybe that would be fine for TV or an ROH PPV, but not a show when you’re looking to get 140,000 buys or more or draw an $800,000 house or more.”

For now, no further details are known about the seriousness about Adam Cole’s injury. Everybody at TJRWrestling wishes Adam Cole all the best as he recovers from this injury.