Details Regarding Jon Moxley Injury On AEW Dynamite

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Jon Moxley suffered a concussion on AEW Dynamite and there is now an update on how it occurred as well as his current status.

The AEW International Championship was on the line at Dynamite Grand Slam on Wednesday in New York City. Jon Moxley defended the title against Rey Fenix in a hard-hitting match that unfortunately saw Moxley suffer a concussion during the match.

There was a spot early in the match where Fenix did a dive onto Moxley on the floor and hit Moxley in the head with his knee. That knocked Moxley loopy for the early part of the match. They got through it and then at the conclusion of the match, it appeared as though Moxley was knocked out as Fenix hit a Fenix Driver two times to get the win.

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer wrote about Moxley suffering a “mild concussion” while writing about what went wrong in the match.

“Jon Moxley suffered a mild concussion when Rey Fenix did the flip dive on him off the ramp before their International title match started. He was able to shake it off and nobody knew he was concussed, although there was a moment when he stumbled getting up that you knew there was cause for concern. But he did the match and progressively started to get lost and then he realized that he was messed up.”

The finish was changed by Jon Moxley during the match

As Meltzer continued, he noted that Jon Moxley changed the finish of the match to put Rey Fenix over. The original plan was for Moxley to retain the title he won earlier this month.

“At that point, he thought that since he was hurt and wasn’t sure how badly, he told Fenix to finish him and he was changing the finish to put him over. It’s actually something wrestlers who have titles who think they are hurt and may miss time should do because it’s better the title passes through a loss than the champion being hurt and beating the challenger.”

“Mercedes Mone did that for Willow Nightingale but both of these situations are the exception to what usually happens. Moxley could have just told Fenix he was hurt and told him to let him choke him out so he could win as planned, but he didn’t think it was the right thing to do, and people like he and Mone have the star power and experience to call audibles.”

“Fenix gave him a Fenix driver and ref Rick Knox held up the count at two, apparently not realizing the situation. Most thought watching it that it was the Fenix driver that hurt him and he had a stinger and couldn’t kick out, but the Fenix driver didn’t hurt him at all. Knox not counting took it down but Moxley told Knox what was going on and wasn’t happy, and Fenix gave him another Fenix driver and again he didn’t kick out but Knox counted to three. Fenix got the International title.”

“It was noted that Fenix took heat in a lot of places for hurting him with his finisher when it was totally safe. Moxley was feeling better when he got to the back and they gave him tests and called it a minor concussion.”

As for when Moxley may return from this concussion, Meltzer wrote that it depends on Moxley passing protocol testing. It could be a week or longer depending on how Moxley does with the testing.

Best wishes to Jon Moxley in coming back from this concussion, but it’s also important not to rush it and be smart about it.