Actual Attendance For WWE SummerSlam Revealed

WWE SummerSlam

How many people actually attended SummerSlam?

WWE have a history of inflating the attendance figures of their big shows to add to the magnitude. On the night, it was announced that the attendance at Ford Field was 59,194. With Twitter account WrestleTix reporting that the stadium was set up for a maximum of 52,018, it appears that the company have once again exaggerated the total.

As reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the actual attendance for SummerSlam was 51,477 and approximately 47,000 paid. It is noted that the nearly 60,000 announced attendance was a stretch as in an investors call just days prior Nick Khan would state that 43,000 tickets had been sold.

The Success Of WWE SummerSlam

The company celebrated the fact that the 2023 Premium Live Event generated the highest non-WrestleMania gate in company history. In total, the event would generate $8.5 million, which is up from the $8.1 million set by the previous highest event Clash at the Castle. It is noted in the report that the revenue does include surcharges that sellers add on when fans purchase the tickets, so the revenue for the biggest party of the summer is around $8 million, but still higher than the Cardiff event in 2022, as that would also include surcharges.

It is speculated that with service fees, the average ticket price for SummerSlam would have been around $180, which is one of the highest average ticket prices in company history. The record is currently held by WrestleMania 35 in 2019, which saw MetLife Stadium charge an average of $234 a ticket.

Less than a week after the record-breaking news broke, the company would continue their run of financial success by achieving its highest share price ever.