AAA Only Plan To Put Titles On One AEW Wrestler In The Future


AAA are reportedly reluctant to put gold on AEW stars in the future – except for one specific person.

Heading towards the end of 2022, AAA had gold on plenty of wrestlers who are under contract to All Elite Wrestling. This included FTR holding their Tag Team Titles, whilst ‘Spanish God’ Sammy Guevara and Tay Melo held the mixed tag counterparts.

However, both have ended up losing their gold and in very different circumstances. FTR ended up losing their most recent title defense to Los Hermanos, whilst Guevara and Melo were stripped of their titles after being unable to make the same event.

In a new report from Dave Meltzer in the most recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it would seem AAA are done with putting championship belts on AEW – unless you’re Kenny Omega, who they still seem to want to do business with.

Right now the plan is that unless it’s Kenny Omega, who they still want as their Mega champion because of his work and name value, if they can get dates on him, they don’t want titles on AEW wrestlers because of the difficulty in confirming dates on them.

The report goes on to note that AAA is keen to work with WWE talent in the future which is why Dragon Lee, who confirmed he had signed with the company, got the fall over AEW talent. It also notes that Tony Khan was aware, but didn’t attempt to block the decision.

Obviously the company is wanting to work with WWE, given they gave a WWE talent the tag title and a win over an AEW talent (Tony Khan was aware of this going in and didn’t block it because it was scheduled to be FTR’s last date in AAA so he approved the title change, and he did know Lee had signed with WWE and didn’t even insist Dralistico, who is an AEW talent, would be the one to score the pin.

Having gradually lost their various tag team titles over recent weeks, FTR defend their last remaining gold at Wrestle Kingdom in January when they take on Hirooki Goto and YOSHI-HASHI.