“A Lot Of Frustration” Within AEW

Tony Khan AEW

Not everyone is happy in AEW.

All Elite Wrestling is on the verge of one of its biggest events of the year, five years after the company held its first pay-per-view. However, despite being home to many of the best wrestlers on the planet, and some huge names, not everyone is excited.

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer looked back at AEW’s rise in the last five years, tackling some of the questions marks around the company. Meltzer said a lot of money has been spent on some talent who have contributed very little, adding there’s frustration behind the scenes.

Creative certainly has questions. A lot of money has been spent on some talent that has contributed very little. AEW went from the fun place to work with the great backstage camaraderie when WWE talent for the most part were walking on eggshells, to a place with a lot of frustration from wrestlers making a nice and even great living but not getting anywhere near the ring time nor upward mobility hoped for.

Tony Khan Still Looking To Grow AEW Roster

Speaking back in April — just after making a series of talent cuts, Tony Khan revealed he’s looking to keep adding to the AEW roster. Khan said he was proud of the roster in place, but there are plans to continue expanding, commenting he’s going to “keep his foot on the gas pedal.”

Despite reservations about the size of the roster from fans and some in the media, Khan said he will keep going after top talent.

Meanwhile, Jim Ross said the company needs to focus on creating new stars while calling on younger wrestlers to step up.