Jim Ross Says It’s Time For New AEW Stars To Step Up

Jim Ross

Jim Ross thinks AEW has some room for improvement.

At Double or Nothing on May 26th, AEW will celebrate its fifth anniversary. The event played host to the first pay-per-view run under the AEW banner back in 2019, as the company prepared to take the wrestling world by storm.

The anniversary has brought with it much reflection, and a chance to appraise how far the company has come.

While appearing on Busted Open Radio, Jim Ross — who signed with AEW in April 2019, gave the company a “solid B” for its performance to date. The legendary announcer added that the company’s next challenge is to create more new stars.

“A lot of things that can be improved upon like anybody else’s company. AEW’s challenge right now to me is creating new stars. Somebody on that brand has got to get hot and that’s gonna be I think what they need now is somebody’s got to get hot. I’m not gonna go into all the reasons why somebody’s not and all that dirt sheet stuff. Nonetheless, we gotta get somebody hot.”

Jim Ross Shares Feedback With AEW Management

During the conversation, Ross praised Darby Allin and said it was up to the talent themselves to push to the next level, commenting that creative can only do so much. The WWE Hall of Famer was also asked whether he offers feedback to management and confirmed that he does.

“Not on a weekly basis but I do give them feedback when I see something that I believe needs to be mentioned. It’s not always negative. I think sometimes in our world of pro wrestling today, we do too much negative stuff.

Too much negative feedback and the glass is always half empty type of thing. I’m a big believer in positive motivation. I’m just trying to figure out who is gonna steal the show on Saturday night on pay-per-view.

Speaking ahead of Double or Nothing, Tony Khan said he’s got a “lot of really cool things planned” to celebrate the special anniversary.

Meanwhile, Jim Ross has said a potential on-screen reunion with Jerry Lawler is up to the AEW boss, although to his knowledge it hasn’t been discussed.

H/t to WrestlingNews.Co