WWE Table For 3 Review: Steiner Diner – Bron Breakker, Rick & Scott Steiner

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On this episode of WWE Table for 3, NXT Champion Bron Breakker was joined by the Hall of Fame team known as The Steiner Brothers, who are Bron’s dad Rick and uncle Scott.

The guests on this episode: WWE Hall of Famers Rick & Scott Steiner along with Rick’s son, the NXT Champion Bron Breakker. Rick is Scott’s older brother. The Steiners teamed together from the late 1980s into the 1990s mostly in NWA/WCW, but they also had a WWE run. Scott ended up winning the WCW World Title in 2000 followed by a run in WWE for a few years after that. The Steiners were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this past April with Bron doing the introduction for his dad and uncle. Rick is 61 years old, Scott is 60 years old (Rick is 16 months older) and Bron is 24 years old – he’ll turn 25 on October 24th.

WWE Table For 3: Steiner Diner

It was taped all the way back in April during WWE Hall of Fame weekend with Bron asking his father Rick and uncle Scott if they were excited about it. Rick said he was excited to be a part of it. Bron said they were excited about his speech. That led to a clip shown of Scott’s speech at the Hall of Fame. They joked that “finally they made it.”

Bron talked about their great matches with Doom and The Nasty Boys. Rick mentioned the Road Warriors and a lot of teams that they can show what they can do. Rick told Bron he’ll get a hang of it. Scott said that everybody they wrestled so many Hall of Fame teams and other teams that will be in the HOF one day. Bron asked about when they wrestled in North Korea. They said it was Hase & Sasaki in front of 190,000 people. Scott said that the food sucked, it was brutal and he was pissed off about it. Rick spoke about how when they first went to Japan, but after a couple of trips he enjoyed the food and it was a great place with honorable people. Rick said that he didn’t like taking a 14-hour trip while telling Bron that he’ll get there one day. Scott said that he loved being at the Tokyo Dome with 75,000 people. Rick said that they weren’t cheering, they just clap, Bron asked “what?” and Rick explained it more. Rick said that you had to be on guard because you didn’t speak the language, so you did what you had to go. Rick said no matter where they were, they performed at their best and try to come up with stuff nobody was doing. They showed some Steiner highlights. Rick said it was a great business.

Scott talked about starting with Dick The Bruiser, then in Memphis with Jerry Lawler and then NWA, which became WCW. Scott talked about taking seven-hour trips for $40 a night. Scott recalled getting $10 for a show at Evansville, Indiana, but the good thing was he was wrestling every day. Rick talked about starting with Verne Gagne in the AEW, then sent him to Montreal for like a year, then went back and went to Mid-South with Bill Watts where he met Sting and did stuff with Eddie Gilbert. Rick said that it was 150-200 miles every night, he wasn’t making great money, then they went to NWA and got his first contract – $50,000 so he thought he made it. Rick said Crockett sold (NWA) to Ted Turner and it was the best thing that happened. Scott talked about how Ted was a businessman, so that was the best thing that happened because it was more professional.

Rick mentioned when they went to work for Vince in WWE (that would be around 1993) and talked about working with Macho Man. Bron asked about Macho Man, then Rick said that driving with Scott & Randy was like a circus. Scott told a story about how upstate NY is like being in Iowa with pastures. Scott talked about how he and Randy bet on who can get more cows to come to them. Scott said they were anti-social cows towards him, but Randy said something and three cows sprinted toward Randy. Rick said they’d be at a restaurant to have dinner, then they would see Scott & Randy competing to see who could run faster to find out who would buy dinner that day. Scott said he would beat him, then Randy would want to race backward and race sideways. Scott said people would see them and think they were nuts. Rick told Bron to enjoy it. Scott said when you hit the road it builds character and makes you appreciate stuff. Rick talked about making friends with the boys, going to towns and it wasn’t as big as it is now. Rick said that if attendance was down, payment was down whereas now you know what you’re going to get paid. Rick said when you got hurt it didn’t matter because you had to make the next town to get paid. Rick said that in some ways the business has evolved for the better. Bron said that WCW had the Powerplant as a feeder program, so it was a good way to put people through. Bron talked about how they have a lot of pride and they work hard at the Performance Center. Bron spoke about how he works with so many guys (like coaches) that have memories of working with Rick & Scott. Rick said it’s all about making those memories.

Rick told a story about how Bron was able to ride a bike around at one year old, so people didn’t believe it. Scott talked about how Bron would do Scott’s interviews on him. Scott: “Come up with your own s**t, man.” Bron claimed that Scott was stealing from Bron instead. Bron talked about how they would take four-wheelers in the mud, then go to Scott’s house after he won the state championship. Scott said that when Bron won a medal, Scott took him down or something like that. Rick said that Scott would come over all the time, Rick talked about how Bron was good at other sports like football and baseball getting a lot of offers. Rick said that Bron was on the Baltimore Ravens, now he’s doing this and he can’t wait to see what he does in the future. Scott: “Yeah, just keep doing my stuff.” Bron replied saying Scott was full of crap while Rick was laughing. Bron mentioned the Frankensteriner as we saw clips of Scott and Bron doing the move. They joked about Bron having the same singlet and boots like Rick mentioning Bron having the dog on his boots. Rick wondered why it’s Bron Breakker instead of Bron Steiner, so Scott asked Bron about it. Bron said he came up with it in football since he tried to break people in half, then he said he didn’t think he needed the name to be successful. Bron said that everybody knows who his family is, but he wants to make his own name. Rick joked that Bron uses their stuff and Scott said what they haven’t done is that face plant off the top rope. They showed the clip of Bron doing a bulldog to Tommaso Ciampa at Halloween Havoc 2021, but Bron slipped on the rope so he went down to the mat. Rick said that Bron is trying to make a name while they are trying to protect their names. Scott said that the faceplant wasn’t in his repertoire.

Rick asked Bron about where he was at in his career and where he wants to be. Bron said that he’s not where he wants to be, he has to get better and the expectations are high. Bron talked about how he’s excited, eager to learn and on the right track. Bron spoke about how he’s trying to preserve and respect their legacy in the business as well. Rick told Bron he’s doing good, Rick is proud of him but there’s a level that you’ve got to get to. Rick said that he wants to see Bron succeed, so he’ll criticize sometimes to help him. Scott said that the more you wrestle, the quicker you can speed that process up. Rick talked about how they were in the business for 10-12 years, then Lex Luger got hurt and he had to wrestle Flair, so then he learned more. Rick said there’s always somebody tougher or that knows more than what you do. Rick told Bron to stay humble. Bron talked about working with Ciampa for months, they went overseas and worked, he worked a bit with Sami Zayn and guys that have been doing it for 20 years. Scott put over Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode for being talented guys while joking that Roode is Canadian, but a good dude. Bron said that they can help him get there and be a part of that. Rick said all the moves have been done before. Scott said that he didn’t know a Frankensteiner would work until he did in front of a crowd and they showed a clip of that. Scott said that the live crowd will let you know if they like you or if you suck. Scott said in 1986 he did a 450 Splash and Bron said bullcrap, but Scott said it was for Dick The Bruiser. Scott said that he did it, he hit his feet first and he didn’t like it, so he never did it again. Now guys do it, land on eachother, so that’s crazy. Bron asked how many years Scott was in and Scott said he was just starting. Scott talked about how a diving coach taught him the 450, but then he didn’t do it in the ring.

Bron spoke about how at the New Year’s Evil show in January on NXT, he beat Ciampa for his first NXT Championship. It was a Steiner Recliner for the win. Bron said it was a special moment since Rick got to see Bron wrestle live and a cool moment for them.

Scott said he was watching on TV, he was going to call Bron and tell him to bring his title belt over, which led to laughter because of the earlier story about Scott wrestling Bron after he won a medal in school. Rick said it was great being down there. Bron asked when was the last time they were in WWE. Scott said he was done around 2004-05 time. Rick talked about how amazing he got to see Bron in WWE. Bron said he always wanted to be there and what he wanted to do. Bron loved football, he loved amateur wrestling and wanted to see if he could get into it in college. Bron said he had more opportunities in football. Bron thanked them for everything, he congratulated them for a legendary and for being the greatest tag team of all time. Scott: “You got that right.” Rick said he hoped they set the bar high for Bron. Bron joked to Scott that they were his moves, then Rick joked about his singlet and boots. Scott said “you owe me money every time you use my s**t” and Rick joked they need to get some royalties on a contract. They laughed together. That was it.

This episode had a runtime of 22:32 on WWE Network.

TJR Thoughts: I enjoyed it. The Steiners ripping on Bron for stealing their moves and look was pretty funny. I think they were just kidding about it while Bron tried to explain that he was doing it to honor that Steiner legacy, which is great because that legacy should be respected. I like that Bron has worn singlets similar to the Steiner Brothers and that he does a Frankensteiner sometimes. Bron’s voice sounds like Scott a lot too.

The stories about Scott and Randy Savage were hilarious. Competing to see who could get cows to react to them is such a random thing, but just picturing it makes me laugh. Also, imagine the scene at the restaurant parking lot when these incredible athletes were racing eachother to see who could run faster to find out who would pay for a meal. That’s great.

My opinion on the Bron Breakker name is that they should probably just go with Bron or Bronson Steiner instead, but I respect Bron wanting to build his own legacy. The family’s real last name is Rechsteiner, so Rick & Scott just shortened it to Steiner when they wrestled. Bron’s first name is Bronson. If Bron Breakker thinks that it’s better for him to use that name then I say more power to him. I think Bron is already a pretty good performer for a guy that has been on TV regularly for just over one year and as a guy in his mid-20s, the best is yet to come.

It was a fun episode if you’re a fan of the Steiners like I am. They really were one of my favorite tag teams ever because of the cool stuff they could do in the ring that other teams weren’t doing.


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