The John Report: WWE NXT 05/28/24 Review

WWE NXT May 28 Review

This is WWE NXT featuring Trick Williams & Je’Von Evans in a big tag team main event against Gallus.

As usual with NXT, I will do a summary style for most of the show and then play-by-play for one or two matches.

This episode took place at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Follow me on Twitter/X @johnreport. My WWE NXT Review archive is here. Let’s get to it.

It was Vic Joseph and Booker T on commentary as usual.

Sexyy Red Reveals New Women’s NXT North American Championship

The NXT GM Ava was in the ring doing a promo talking about how at Battleground, they will crown the first Women’s NXT North American Champion in a Ladder Match. Ava introduced singer Sexyy Red as a guest this week.

Sexyy Red made her entrance with the fans popping for her. She did some unique dance moves on her way to the ring. Booker T was very excited to see her.

Analysis: I don’t know anything about Sexyy Red, but if she is a WWE fan then that’s cool that she wants to be involved. It’s smart to involve people from outside the wrestling world that will appeal to a younger audience. Guys like me in our 40s who are already watching don’t really matter that much in the grand scheme of things. By putting Sexyy Red on, she can reach out to fans of her music and maybe those fans will turn on NXT to see what Red is up to.

When Red joined Ava in the ring, she announced that she would be the host of the NXT Battleground PLE on June 9th in Las Vegas. Ava invited Red to unveil the new championship. Red took the cover off the new Women’s NXT North American Championship. Red held the title above her head in the ring and then crazy Tatum Paxley went into the ring to try to take the title. Michin went into the ring to take care of Paxley since they had a match up next.

Analysis: The title looks similar to the men’s title except with a red color on it. Good enough.

NXT Women’s North American Championship Qualifying Match: Michin vs. Tatum Paxley

Michin was on offense early and then Paxley took over for a bit. Jaida Parker showed up at ringside to check out the action. Michin kicked Paxley out of the ring followed by a dive onto Paxley on the floor.


The match continued with Michin hitting a pounce on Paxley similar to what Michin’s husband Keith Lee does. Michin hit a German Suplex as she remained in control. Paxley countered a move and flipped over Michin into a suplex for two. Paxley hit a belly-to-back suplex for a two count. They did a crawling staredown spot and then fought on their way back up leading to Michin getting a cradle for two. Michin countered a move and hit Eat Defeat for the pinfall win after nine minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Michin

Analysis: **1/2 A solid match that was competitive with both women coming close to winning a few times before Michin put Paxley away. I don’t expect Michin to win the title at the Battleground PLE, but she’s a fine addition to the match as a veteran wrestler that knows what she is doing out there.

That win means Michin is in the 6-Woman Ladder Match for the NXT Women’s North American Championship along with Fallon Henley, Lash Legend, Jaida Parker, and Sol Ruca. The final qualifier was later in the show.

The Gallus boys Joe Coffey and Mark Coffey spoke about how only two of them can be at ringside by the match. Joe wondered where Wolfgang was. The Meta-Four group’s Oro Mensah, Lash Legend, and Jakara Jackson accused Gallus of taking out Noam Dar. Gallus denied doing it while Lash repeated that Trick Williams didn’t do it.

Riley Osborne made his entrance joined by Chase U leading to this next matchup.


There was a recap of the end of last week’s NXT show that set up the Shayna Baszler-Lola Vice match at NXT Battleground in an NXT Underground match.

Lola Vice was getting ready backstage when Arianna Grace wondered why Vice had to go through an NXT Underground match against Shayna Baszler. Vice made sure she was ready for Baszler. Grace kept talking, so Vice challenged her to a match and Grace said: “Oh s**t.”

Analysis: It was bleeped with an NXT logo on the screen, so that was a funny ending to it. Grace is one of the funnier characters in NXT. I’m sure her father Santino is proud since Santino is arguably the funniest WWE guy ever.

Riley Osborne (w/Andre Chase, Duke Hudson & Thea Hail) vs. Ridge Holland

Ridge used his power to get the advantage early with knees to the ribs. After Ridge applied a chinlock, Riley got out of it and Riley hit a dropkick. Riley came back with a lefty clothesline leading to Riley doing a flip bump. Ridge said he didn’t want to do this since he was friends with Chase U recently. Ridge whipped Riley hard into the turnbuckle. Riley got some offense with a diving attack off the turnbuckle and an enziguri kick. Ridge was back up as he tackled Riley out of the ring.


The match returned with Riley getting a roll up and a dropkick. Ridge came back with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Riley avoided a powerslam and superkicked Ridge out of the ring. Ridge nailed Riley with a forearm smash. Hail stopped Ridge from using the steel steps as a weapon. Riley chopped Ridge in the chest a few times, then Riley went to the ropes and Ridge kicked him in the leg. Ridge hit a Redeemer, which his like a high-angle DDT for the pinfall win after 11 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Ridge Holland

Analysis: **3/4 The match was pretty good. The overly excited crowd didn’t seem to care about this much since Ridge doesn’t generate big reactions from the crowd. Riley is really good in the ring because he is a high flyer that can also do a lot of technical wrestling. Riley also bumps very well and makes it all look easy. I like him a lot as a young guy with people.

After the match, Ridge Holland tried to shake hands with Riley Osborne, but Riley refused it and left the ring.

Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson were interviewed by Kelly Kincaid. Luke said they are sick of being avoided. Karl said that what happened last week is what happens when you treat them like a couple of outsiders. Luke said until they get a title match, the beatdowns will continue. Karl said they can keep running or put the titles on the lines like men.

They cut to another camera in the backstage area where Oro Mensah was down and grabbing his neck as if he was attacked. Lash Legend and Jakara Jackson were backstage along with an official to check on Oro.

Analysis: The NXT brand loves mystery attacks more than any show in pro wrestling history. Just saying. Anyway, it does continue a story so that’s why they did it.

Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson vs. Edris Enofe & Malik Blade (w/Brinley Reece)

The team of G&A were introduced as Gallows & Anderson rather than The OC name or The Good Brothers, but Vic called them The OC. Blade and Enofe did a double team bulldog attack on Karl. There were multiple dropkicks by Enofe and Blade. Karl knocked Blade into Enofe on the apron and Enofe landed on Reece on the floor. Multiple referees went out to ringside to check on Reece and help her to the back.


Gallows was in control of Blade while Enofe was looking nervous on the apron since he accidentally took out Reece earlier. Karl tagged in with a hard whip that sent Blade into the turnbuckle. G&A kept working over Blade as the face in peril. Karl argued with Enofe, so Enofe wasn’t there when Blade tried to make a tag. Moments later, Enofe got the tag and hit a dropkick/forearm combo at the same time. Enofe jumped off the top, Gallows avoided it and Gallows hit a Chokeslam. Karl tagged in, knocked Blade off the apron and G&A hit the Magic Killer double team move and Karl covered Enofe for the win.

Winners by pinfall: Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

Analysis: **3/4 The G&A boys getting the win was the obvious result because they’re getting built up for a Tag Team Title match. Enofe continued his “bad luck” story since he accidentally took out Reece and then he couldn’t get his offense going. I like Enofe and Blade, but I don’t remember the last time they had a meaningful win.

After the match, NXT Tag Team Champions Nathan Frazer & Axiom hit missile dropkicks on Gallows & Anderson. Frazer and Axiom knocked them out of the ring. Axiom said that they will see Gallows & Anderson at Battleground.

Analysis: A title match at Battleground sounds good. I think a title change is possible there, but I’m not sure if that will be my official prediction.

Dante Chen was featured in a video saying last week’s win was the greatest night of his life. Chen said he told himself to stay ready because one day it would be him. Chen said he knew one day he’d get his chance. Chen said he’s ready whenever and for whoever is next.

Dante Chen was in the locker room talking to other wrestlers. Lexis King walked in telling Chen it’s never going to happen again. Chen told King he’d beat him again and said they could do it tonight. King said that his 15 minutes of fame are over.

The NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez was shown walking backstage for a promo up next.


Trick Williams, the NXT Champion, was backstage with Je’Von Evans talking about their tag team match. Trick thanked Evans for watching his back. Sexyy Red walked in saying she loves NXT saying there are a lot of sexy bodies and muscles. Red told them to do their thing tonight. Evans told them to walk out with them for their match tonight. Red agreed to that.

Let’s Hear from Roxanne Perez

Roxanne Perez made her entrance as the NXT Women’s Champion for a promo. Perez wanted the fans to acknowledge that she’s the only woman that appreciates this championship. Perez said that this title has been used by women who have used it as a stepping stone to something bigger and better. Perez said she’s shown true commitment to this championship. Perez talked about training at 13 years old and said she was working towards this title for nine years. Perez said that we are in the presence of true greatness right now. Perez also feels it is disrespectful to find out who her Battleground opponent is like this. Perez claimed she deserved to be treated better.

The NXT GM Ava appeared to say that she thinks that Perez is a great champ. Ava wondered if Perez would still be the champ after the next title defense at Battleground. Ava introduced the opponent…it’s Jordynne Grace from TNA.

Jordynne Grace made her entrance as the TNA Knockouts Champion. We saw Jordynne in the Royal Rumble and now she’s in the ring with Perez. The fans popped big for Grace and even did some “TNA” chants. Grace is a powerful woman who is a talented wrestler and was greeted by “holy shit” chants by the crowd.

Grace got in the ring telling the fans that some of you may remember her from the Royal Rumble earlier this year. Grace officially introduced herself as the TNA Knockouts Champion. Grace told Perez that she has built her name in NXT like Grace has built her name in TNA. Grace wanted to find out who had built the stronger foundation so, at Battleground, Grace will challenge Perez for the TNA Knockouts Champion. Grace said she’s prepared to leave Las Vegas as a double champion. Perez didn’t say anything and instead raised her title in the air while Grace left.

Analysis: That was a nice surprise because I don’t think most people assumed TNA’s Jordynne Grace would appear on NXT television and be granted a title shot just like that. I like it. Grace is a talented performer and should have a great match with Perez. It will likely lead to NXT people on TNA shows, which is cool as well. The fans like it so why not? I’m all for it.

A video aired about Eddy Thorpe talking about how he has been reborn. He should be back soon after being out for a few months.

The Lola Vice-Arianna Grace match was up next.


Chase U was backstage with Andre Chase telling Riley Osborne that Ridge Holland won fair and square. Riley wasn’t happy about it. Duke Hudson said he sees what Riley sees so Duke left with Riley. Thea Hail freaked out and left. Ridge Holland walked up to Chase saying they put on a hell of a match, he asked if everything was good, Chase said yeah and Ridge left.

Analysis: The drama continues. It’s not that interesting, but hopefully there’s some long-term plan here.

Lola Vice vs. Arianna Grace

This should be quick. Grace tried to get Vice to calm down and Grace got a couple of rollups. Vice got some offense going with some punches to the body. Vice hit a running hip attack. Grace hit a corner attack followed by a suplex. Vice sent Grace into the ropes followed by a spinning back fist for the pinfall win after two minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Lola Vice

Analysis: *1/2 Easy win for Vice. Grace is there for comedy and to lose matches most of the time. This was about putting over Vice on the road to Battleground.

After the match, Lola Vice said that Shayna Baszler has one of two options. Vice said that she was going to tap her out or knock her out and told her to choose, bitch. Shayna Baszler ran out there, but security kept her back. Security also held Vice back in the ring.

Analysis: I think Lola should win that match, but if Baszler wins then that’s fine too.

A video package aired about Carlee Bright. They showed clips of her as a cheerleader as she spoke about how she was a cheerleader for the Minnesota Golden Gophers. She said that wrestling has become her new love.

They showed Natalya (happy birthday this past Monday) talking with the NXT ladies and congratulated Bright on her first match two weeks ago. Izi Dame walked in for a mean girl promo telling Bright she had no place in the women’s division. Karmen Petrovic told Dame not to talk to a living legend like Natalya like that. Dame trash-talked Karmen for winning a match, then Karmen punched her and the other women separated them.

Analysis: Those women’s locker room scenes usually are done like that where people argue and then it leads to a match. The dialogue isn’t the greatest, but they do their best to set up a match.

Lexis King entered for singles action.


They showed No Quarter Catch Crew’s Charlie Dempsey, Damon Kemp and Myles Borne working out. Dempsey said ever since he lost the Heritage Cup, it feels like a piece of himself. Dempsey said he needed to win that Cup back. Dempsey said they need structure, discipline and a chain of command. Dempsey told Kemp to face Tony D’Angelo and Dempsey made him say “Capiche” like Tony D and the Italians use, which means that you understand.

Oro Mensah was getting checked on by a WWE Trainer. Jakara Jackson spoke to Lash Legend, who said she’ll talk to Trick Williams to make sure it wasn’t him who did the cheap attack. Lash said she knows Trick won’t lie to him.

Dante Chen vs. Lexis King

Chen hit a running splash along with a pump kick. King came back with a superkick. King went for a suplex and Chen countered it with an inside cradle for two. King hit a lefty clothesline followed by a Jackhammer for two. King argued about the two count, so Chen hooked King into a crucifix pin for the three count. It went about two minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Dante Chen

Analysis: *1/2 That was quick. It advances the story that Chen is on a hot streak by picking up another win over King for the second week in a row.

After the match, King beat up Chen with repeated forearms to the chest. They left the ring where King nailed Chen with a clothesline to the back of the head. King pulled up the mat on the floor and gave Chen the Coronation neckbreaker on the mat/floor. Referees went out to the ring at that point.

Analysis: A cheap attack by King after a loss. Mr. Stone was there with Chen last week, but no sign of Stone this week.

There was a video package about Josh Briggs talking about how he signed with NXT in 2020. Briggs said he had a little brother and little sister. Briggs said it was time to break away to find success on his own. Briggs spoke about how he didn’t know who he was right now, but we’ll find out.

Shawn Spears was interviewed by Kelly Kincaid. Spears said it was another lost soul in need of guidance. Spears said that the youth here in NXT are misguided. Spears spoke about helping the youth reach their maximum potential. Spears said that he’ll be the answer.


Tony D’Angelo and The Family were backstage with the NXT Heritage Cup. Tony said that the big picture is the No Quarter Catch Crew because they’re going to keep coming after them. Tony said that for NQCC this is like part of them. Luca Crusifino said he was going to do some legal work on the catch clause. Stacks wondered if they needed to take somebody for a ride. Tony D said they would beat them at their own game.

Analysis: This show always uses the roster well. There were so many backstage segments this week to continue stories.

NXT Women’s North American Championship Qualifying Match: Kelani Jordan vs. Wren Sinclair

Fallon Henley was on commentary for this match. Jordan hit a couple of dropkicks. Wren hit a facebuster. After Wren left the ring, Jordan dove onto Wren on the floor. They did a cool spot with multiple pin attempts leading to nearfalls for both women. Jordan hit a belly-to-back suplex. Jordan hit the split-legged moonsault off the top for the pinfall win after three minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Kelani Jordan

Analysis: ** A solid matchup between two talented athletes who are babyfaces. Jordan is further ahead of Wren in their NXT careers, so I’m not surprised Jordan got the win. I think both women need to develop more as characters, but in the ring, they both have a lot of potential long term.

That win means Kelani Jordan is the sixth woman in the 6-Woman Ladder Match for the NXT Women’s North American Championship at Battleground with Fallon Henley, Lash Legend, Jaida Parker, Michin and Sol Ruca.

Analysis: It’s a tough match to predict. I might go with Lash Legend to win, but Fallon Henley would be a fine choice since we just turned heel.

There was a backstage scene with Stevie Turner complaining to NXT GM Ava about not getting opportunities while saying she was doing well on Level Up. Mr. Stone was in the room too. Jordynne Grace walked in with the TNA Knockouts Title. Grace challenged Turner to a match for next week. Ava said it sounded great.

Analysis: That should be an easy win for Grace. Turner hasn’t been seen on the main NXT show for a while, so we’ll see what she can do.

It was main event time up next.


Wes Lee was interviewed by Kelly Kincaid backstage. Lee said it felt great to get the win last week, but he didn’t like that he had to share it with Joe Coffey. Lee said that Gallus are three pissed off guys that are going to try to wreak havoc across the NXT brand. Lee said that he needs his NXT North American Championship. Oba Femi walked in with the NXT North American Title telling Lee that this title stays with him. Lee said he’s made a career out of proving people wrong.

Analysis: I think Oba Femi will keep the title.

Next week on NXT:

* Tony D’Angelo defends the NXT Heritage Cup vs. Damon Kemp

* Jordynne Grace vs. Stevie Turner

* Thea Hail vs. Jazmyn Nyx

* Inside Look at Shayna Baszler vs. Lola Vice at NXT Battleground.

Analysis: That’s not a strong lineup. Hopefully, they will add some bigger matches to it.

Gallus made their entrance with Joe Coffey & Mark Coffey representing the team. There was no sign of Wolfgang. Je’Von Evans was up next for the babyface team as the exciting 20-year-old with a bright future. Trick Williams was up next as the NXT Champion joined by Sexyy Red while the fans were chanting “Whoop That Trick” during the entrance as usual.

Trick Williams & Je’Von Evans (w/Sexyy Red) vs. Gallus – Joe Coffey & Mark Coffey

Trick hit a leaping clothesline on Mark. Trick knocked down Mark with a shoulder tackle and a body slam. Evans tagged in and Evans did a headscissors to Joe. Trick & Evans each hit dropkicks to knock Gallus out of the ring. Red did some shaking at ringside with the babyfaces. Back in the ring, Joe pulled down the rope and Evans went crashing to the floor. Joe hit a running Pounce on Evans to send him into the steel steps. That led to a break.


Gallus was in control as Mark had Evans grounded in a chinlock. Mark gave Evans a body slam. Joe tagged in with elbow drops for two. Evans did a back body drop on Joe. When Joe tried a suplex, Evans landed on his feet and Trick got the hot tag. Trick was on fire with clotheslines along with a sidekick. Trick hit a leaping clothesline to Mark and a flapjack to Joe. Trick gave both Gallus boys a uranage slam at the same time for a two count. Joe stunned Trick with a headbutt and Gallus hit a double team slam on Trick for a two count. Evans went for a springboard attack and he went for a Cutter on Joe, but there was a slip. Joe still sold it as best he could. Mark decked Evans with a forearm while Trick hit a neckbreaker on Mark. All four guys were down selling. Trick went for a kick, Mark avoided it and Mark hit a jumping kick to the chest. Joe grabbed the NXT Title, so Red took it from him. Evans dove over the top onto Joe on the floor. Trick hit the Trick Shot jumping left knee on Mark for the pinfall win after nine minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Trick Williams & Je’Von Evans

Analysis: ***1/4 That was a good tag team match that followed the classic tag team formula with Evans as the face in peril and Trick was on fire after the hot tag. It’s easy to like Evans as an exciting, young high-flier with a very bright future. That leap by Evans over the top onto Joe on the floor was incredible. Trick is so popular, so teaming up with Evans is a great idea. The Gallus boys losing does hurt them a bit, but I think it’s important for Trick to keep winning, even in a tag team match.

After the match, Sexyy Red went into the ring to celebrate with Trick and Evans. Red played a key role by taking the NXT Title from Joe when Joe wanted to use it as a weapon.

Lash Legend went into the ring with Trick while Evans and Red left. Lash told Trick to be honest with her. Lash asked if Trick was the one who attacked Noam and Oro. Trick spoke, but the lights went out.

When the lights came back on, somebody hit Trick in the back with a forearm and Trick knocked Lash down. That somebody was former AEW wrestler Ethan Page, who beat up Trick with punches. Vic said: “Booker, that’s Ethan Page, wasn’t he in A…” and Booker goes “Whoa oh.” Well played. Page: “Hey Trick, I took out Noam. I took out Oro.” Page spoke into the camera: “Whoop that Trick? Yeah, I’m about to.” Page hit a running knee smash on Trick against the turnbuckle. Page held up the NXT Title while the fans chanted “Ethan Page” although it wasn’t all of the fans. Vic: “Trick was behind the attacks. He truly is All Ego.” Ethan held up the title over his head and that was the end of the show.

Analysis: That was cool. It was very well done. I didn’t know Ethan Page was joining WWE and debuting on NXT. I don’t think many people knew, so good job by WWE signing a talented wrestler like him while also keeping it quiet. “All Ego” Ethan is an excellent talker who is also very capable in the ring as well. I think he’s better as a heel than he is as a face, so starting him off as a heel going after the NXT Title held by Trick Williams is a great spot for him. I enjoyed it.

I’m also very happy for Ethan because I thought he was one of the worst-booked wrestlers in AEW for three years, so it’s good for him getting away from there and getting this opportunity. That’s not a shot at AEW as a company, but it is a shot at them not booking this guy well. It’s going to happen to wrestling sometimes. It happens to plenty of WWE people too. A change of scenery can do a wrestler good. We have seen it many times over the years. Anyway, I’m glad that Page is in NXT now because I think he can thrive there as a 34-year-old guy with experience, but also a ton of potential. Plus, he’s from Hamilton, Ontario, which is about an hour away from me, so he’s a local guy to me and I’m happy for him. They can probably do Trick against Ethan at Battleground even though Ethan just made his debut. I think they can explain it by saying Trick willingly wants to face Ethan due to his cheap attack.


Three Stars of the Show

  1. Ethan Page
  2. Jordynne Grace
  3. Trick Williams & Je’Von Evans


The Scoreboard

This week: 7.5 out of 10

Last week: 7

2024 Average: 7.05


Final Thoughts on WWE NXT

I liked the show quite a bit this week. They didn’t have that many great matches, but everything they did in the ring was fine. I think there were more talking and backstage segments than usual, allowing a lot of the roster to be on the show. I say this all the time about NXT doing a great job of utilizing their entire roster as well as any wrestling show today.

They had two surprises on the show. The first one was TNA’s Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace showing up to challenge Roxanne Perez for the NXT Women’s Title at Battleground. It wasn’t reported beforehand or spoiled, so it was a genuine reaction from the fans who were shocked by seeing Grace on the NXT show. I like the idea of TNA and NXT working together with some talent exchanges to set up some unique matches. Grace did a nice job in that spot.

There was also Ethan Page making his WWE NXT debut by attacking NXT Champion Trick Williams at the end of the show. That puts Page in a main event spot immediately as a heel, who is a very experienced worker who knows how to get heat. As I wrote in the review, I’m very happy for Page being in NXT and I think he’ll do well there. This was also booked very well. I thought it was the best part of the show and it was right at the end of the show, so the fans are going to remember it.

The next WWE NXT PLE is Battleground on June 9th with this lineup so far.

* NXT North American Championship: Oba Femi (c) vs. Joe Coffey vs. Wes Lee

* NXT Women’s Championship: Roxanne Perez (c) vs. Jordynne Grace

* NXT Tag Team Championships: Nathan Frazer & Axiom (c) vs. The OC – Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

* Ladder Match for the Inaugural NXT Women’s North American Championship: Sol Ruca vs. Lash Legend vs. Jaida Parker vs. Fallon Henley vs. Kelani Jordan vs. Michin

* NXT Underground Match: Shayna Baszler vs. Lola Vice

* Sexyy Red will be the host.

You can watch NXT Battleground at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas on Sunday, June 9th, streaming live at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on Peacock in the U.S. and WWE Network everywhere else.


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