The John Report: WWE NXT 05/21/24 Review

WWE NXT May 21

This is WWE NXT featuring Natalya teaming with Karmen Petrovic against Lola Vice & Shayna Baszler, plus a big triple threat match.

They taped this episode one week ago because some of the WWE production crew was heading to Saudi Arabia for the King and Queen of the Ring PLE, so they taped a week ahead. I saw a few spoilers, but I didn’t look at them all.

As usual with NXT, I will do a summary style for most of the show and then play-by-play for one or two matches.

This episode took place at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Follow me on Twitter/X @johnreport. My WWE NXT Review archive is here. Let’s get to it.

There was a video package showing highlights from last week’s NXT episode. NXT does a nice job of building week-to-week. They do it as well as any of the four shows I review every week. Last week’s show ended with Gallus returning after a cheap attack backstage.

It was Vic Joseph and Booker T on commentary as usual.

NXT Women’s North American Championship Qualifier: Thea Hail (w/Andre Chase, Duke Hudson, Riley Osborne& Ridge Holland) vs. Fallon Henley

Henley recently turned heel so she was booed. Hail kicked Henley down followed by a standing moonsault. Henley took control after a running kick. Hail hit a couple of armdrags to send Henley out of the ring, so Hail followed up with a suicide dive on the floor. Henley grabbed a chair from under the ring, Holland took the chair from her and the referee ejected the Chase U guys from ringside. Henley waved bye to them.


Henley was in control with a neckbreaker. Hail did a headbutt so both women bumped to the mat. Hail got some offense going with a running neckbreaker. Hail did a springboard back splash for two. Henley tried a suplex, but Hail countered by going for an armbar. They left the ring where Henley sent Hail into the barricade. Back in the ring, Henley hit a Shining Wizard knee for the pinfall win after about ten minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Fallon Henley

Analysis: **3/4 A solid match with the heel Henley picking up the crafty win. I think Henley was turned heel with the idea of giving her a push, so having her in the Ladder Match for the NXT Women’s NA Title makes sense. Henley certainly could be the winner of that Ladder Match too.

That win means Fallon Henley joins Sol Ruca and Lash Legend in the NXT Women’s North American Title Ladder Match. There will be six women in the match.

After the match, Jazmyn Nyx attacked Hail and hit her with a Pele Kick.

Analysis: That was payback from Nyx because Hail injured Jacy Jayne. At least it’s some story continuity.

There was a backstage chat from earlier in the day with The D’Angelo Family talking to NXT Tag Team Champions Nathan Frazer & Axiom. It led to the champions agreeing to a title match.

The D’Angelo Family entered for tag team action. Tony D’Angelo was there as well with the NXT Heritage Cup as well.


A replay was shown of last week when Gallus returned after attacking Wes Lee, Josh Briggs & Ivar. The update is that Ivar is out indefinitely. Joe Coffey was put into the triple threat match with Lee and Briggs.

Analysis: Ivar is legitimately injured and may need major surgery that could end his career. Best wishes to him.

Gallus was interviewed by Kelly Kincaid. They bragged about taking out three of NXT’s best. Joe said that all these guys do is talk. Joe said that he’s going to be the number one contender for the NXT North American Title and he was coming for Oba Femi.

NXT Tag Team Championships: Nathan Frazer & Axiom vs. The D’Angelo Family – Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo & Luca Crusifino (w/Tony D’Angelo & Adrianna Rizzo)

Stacks hit a running uppercut on Frazer for a two count. Axiom made the tag leading to a running dropkick. Frazer ran the ropes quickly leading to a running kick to the head. Luca tagged in and Frazer was sent off the apron into the commentary table. Stacks hit an elbow drop on Frazer on the floor.


The match continued with the challengers isolating Frazer as the face in peril. Frazer did a back flip leading to a reverse DDT on Luca. Axiom tagged in with a bunch of offense including a clothesline and a half-n-half suplex on Stacks for a two count. Frazer was back in for a superkick/brainbuster combo for two because Luca broke up the pin. Luca tagged in leading to a double spinebuster with Stacks for a two count because Axiom broke up the pin. Frazer sent legal man Stacks into the turnbuckle. Frazer hit a superplex on Stacks while Axiom hit a superkick on a leaping Luca. The No Quarter Catch Crew trio attacked Tony D at ringside. Frazer got an inside cradle on Stacks for the pinfall win after 11 minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Nathan Frazer & Axiom

Analysis: ***1/4 A good match for the Tag Team Titles. The team of Frazer & Axiom are always going to have exciting matches because they are so much fun to watch. The finish was a bit cheap due to the chaos at ringside, but I didn’t mind it because it continued that story. Luca and Stacks worked well together as a team so it will be interesting to see if they get pushed as a team. Frazer & Axiom should have a decent title reign.

After the match, the NQCC guys were fighting with The Family backstage as Frazer & Axiom celebrated the win.

There were replays shown of what happened. That’s when The OC’s Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson attacked Frazer & Axiom from behind. They beat up Axiom with punches. The OC hit the Magic Killer on Frazer. The OC held up the NXT Tag Team Titles to celebrate.

Analysis: That will likely set up a NXT Tag Team Title match with The OC sending a message.

Mr. Stone was backstage talking to Layla Diggs about how great of an athlete she is. Lexis King walked in while Diggs left. King said that Stone is trying to recruit the next great superstar and the only way he can get far is he works with King. That led to Lexis saying he was virtually undefeated. The NXT GM Ava walked in to tell King he has a match tonight and he’ll find out his opponent when he gets in the ring. Ava told Stone she had the perfect opponent for King.

Oba Femi made his entrance as the NXT North American Champion to watch the upcoming contender’s match.


The Chase U group was backstage with Ridge Holland. Riley Osborne complained to Andre Chase about Ridge being a liability. Ridge said he couldn’t watch Thea get hit with a chair, so he had to do something. Riley said that he cost Thea the match. Ridge said Riley cost them the match last week. Riley said that Ridge didn’t belong with Chase U. Andre said this isn’t the time or place and told them to settle it in the ring. Riley was fine with that.

Analysis: A match for next week. The NXT brand sets up matches using backstage segments more than any show in pro wrestling.

NXT North American Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Wes Lee vs. Joe Coffey (w/Wolfgang & Mark Coffey) vs. Josh Briggs

The winner of this match gets to challenge Oba Femi for the NXT North American Title at the Battleground PLE on June 9th. Femi was on commentary not saying match. I’ll go play-by-play for this match.

Briggs nailed both opponents with forearms. Briggs hit a double shoulder tackle. Briggs hiptossed Lee onto Joe. Joe dropkicked Brigges while Briggs had Lee in his arms. Joe hit a DDT out of the corner for a two count. Lee sent Joe out of the ring with a headscissors. Lee hit a somersault dive over the top onto Joe at ringside. Briggs clotheslined Lee on the floor followed by Briggs giving Joe a back body drop on the floor.


The match returned with Briggs and Joe hitting clotheslines on eachother. Briggs gave Joe a body slam along with a splash. Lee broke up the pin with a senton off the top rope. Lee hit a spin kick on Joe. Lee hit an incredible dive off the ropes with a reverse DDT on Briggs, who DDT’d Joe at the same time. Lee hit a running suicide dive onto Briggs on the floor. Joe slammed Lee on the ring apron. Back in the ring, Briggs hit a running boot on Joe for two. Briggs slammed Lee back-first into the turnbuckle and Briggs gave Joe a Chokeslam. Briggs gave Lee a Chokeslam onto Joe for a two count on both opponents. Joe hit running uppercuts on Briggs followed by a cross body block on Briggs for two because Lee broke up the pin. Joe did a pump kick followed by Lee doing a flipping kick. Lee did a suicide dive onto Joe on the floor. Wolfgang and Mark did a high-low attack on Briggs on the floor. The referee never saw it although in a triple threat match it’s No DQ so there’s nothing illegal about it. Gallus sent Briggs back into the ring. Joe hit a leaping Lee with a headbutt. Joe fell on top of Briggs with one arm on him while Lee was covering Briggs’ lower body. The referee talked to ring announcer Mike Rome, who announced it as a double pin finish. It went 11 minutes.

Winners: Joe Coffey and Wes Lee

Analysis: ***1/4 A pretty good match between three different kinds of wrestlers. Briggs used his power advantage a lot while Lee’s speed moves and counters were impressive. Joe is more of an all-around wrestler that can work different styles. The finish was certainly a different kind of ending. We have seen double pins before, but that was a unique way to do it with Joe covering the top half and Wes covering the bottom half.

They cut away as the announcers wondered what would happen.

Natalya and Karmen Petrovic were interviewed by Kelly Kincaid backstage. Petrovic said she’s a bit nervous being in her first main event but she’s with the BOAT in Natalya. That led to Natalya saying they have bonded. Natalya said that as the most winning woman in WWE history, you’ll see them as a well-oiled winning machine.

Brinley Reece was getting ready by Edris Enofe & Malik Blade. Enofe was frustrated about all of the bad luck happening to him. Blade said that they had to remain positive. Blade said they won’t come out with her tonight because of Enofe’s bad luck. Reece said it’s not about luck, it’s about confidence.

Analysis: The team of Enofe & Blade really hasn’t progressed match in nearly three years of being on this brand. I hope something positive happens for them in terms of a storyline soon and maybe they can get a push soon.


The NXT GM Ava was shown in her office as NXT North American Champion Oba Femi approached. Ava said that it was clear that both Wes and Joe pinned Briggs. Ava told Femi that at Battleground, he’ll defend the NXT North American Title against Wes Lee and Joe Coffey.

Analysis: It’s another triple threat title defense for Femi just like at Stand & Deliver. That feels repetitive to me. I think Femi will pin Joe and then it will lead to Femi against Wes in a singles match in the future.

It was announced that rapper Sexyy Red coms to NXT next week. I don’t know who that is, but I’m an old guy with my age starting with a 4 and she appeals to a younger audience. Good for Red.

NXT Women’s North American Championship Qualifier: Brinley Reece vs. Jaida Parker

Reece got some offense early, but Parker stopped that with a hair pull. Parker did a shot to the ribs. Parker hit a running butt splash to the ribs. They battled over pin attempts and then Parker hit a double underhook suplex. Reece got some offense going with a shoulder tackle, bodyslam and a cartwheel clothesline for two. Edris Enofe and Malik Blade appeared at ringside to watch their friend Reece. Parker hit a front suplex followed by the running Teardrop Hipcheck for the pinfall win after five minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Jaida Parker

Analysis: **1/2 A decent match with the obvious result because Parker is clearly a star on the rise while Reece really hasn’t done much on the NXT brand yet. Parker looks the part in terms of a tough woman who is also very athletic and knows how to be a heel.

That win by Parker puts her in the Ladder Match for the NXT Women’s North American Title along with Lash Legend, Sol Ruca, Fallon Henley and two more women.

Fallon Henley was backstage talking to Jazmyn Nyx, who congratulated her on the win. Nyx told Henley she knew she didn’t need any friends, which is why she waited until after the match to get payback on Thea Hail. Nyx left while Henley had a confused look on her face.

A video aired sounding an alarm clock and somebody getting out of bed to put on slippers. It’s for the return of Wendy Choo although her face wasn’t shown.


Roxanne Perez, the NXT Women’s Champion, was featured in a video package. Perez said that as good as these girls are, she is simply better. Perez said she didn’t care about criticism because all she cared about was the NXT Women’s Championship. Perez said when she looks in the mirror all she sees is The Prodigy – your two-time NXT Women’s Champion.

Ava was talking on the phone in her office saying that next week, Roxanne will find out who her next title defense will be at Battleground. Ava said she talked to Nick Aldis and Adam Pearce, so it’s a tease that somebody from the main roster could be coming to NXT.

Lexis King did a pre-match promo talking about how he has been on a bit of a hot streak. King said that whoever walks through the curtain will join a long list of gentlemen who will to the King and he’s virtually undefeated in 2024. Mr. Stone walked out and pointed to the entrance area leading to Dante Chen getting a big ovation.

Dante Chen (w/Mr. Stone) vs. Lexis King

I don’t remember the last time Chen had a match on NXT, but he is on Level Up regularly according to Vic. The fans were solidly behind Chen as he hit a dropkick and a back body drop. King countered a leaping attack with a dropkick to the ribs. King nailed Chen with a clothesline. Chen blocked a kick and hit a clothesline. Chen hit a corner splash, atomic drop and a running kick to the head. King hit a running clothesline to the back of the head of Chen, who was on his knees. Stone was on the apron, King was distracted by that and let Chen go. King came back with a superkick. King went for The Coronation, but Chen countered with an inside cradle for the pinfall win after five minutes. The fans popped big for it.

Winner by pinfall: Dante Chen

Analysis: **1/2 I didn’t expect a renewed push for Dante Chen to happen on this show, but here we are. It was treated like a big upset and it was totally clean with Chen countering King to win.

Dante Chen and Mr. Stone celebrated the win.

Shayna Baszler and Lola Vice were in the locker room. Lola said that they are unstoppable together. Baszler told Vice to stop the dancing out there. Lola said she likes to have fun too.

Trick Williams, the NXT Champion, was shown backstage for a segment up next.


Let’s Hear from Trick Williams

Trick Williams made his entrance as the NXT Champion and the fans popped big for him while singing “Whoop That Trick” as well. Trick said that two weeks ago, Noam Dar dropped him from behind. Trick said that Noam was dropped backstage and Trick said he knows how that feels. Trick said that he didn’t attack Noam Dar. Trick said if he wanted to attack him, Noam would have been unconscious. Trick said that he didn’t attack from behind.

There was an interruption from Meta-Four’s Oro Mensah, Jakara Jackson & Lash Legend. Jakara said that they knew it was Trick. Oro said that Trick was still salty because Noam knocked him out. Oro said that Trick was a lowlife who didn’t deserve to be NXT Champion. Lash said that Trick didn’t attack Noam. Lash tried to defend Trick again while Oro wondered whose side she was on. Trick threatened to beat up Oro.

Joe Coffey from Gallus made his entrance. Joe said that Trick was wondering why Joe was out there talking to the NXT Champion since he’s getting a shot at the NXT North American Title. That led to Wolfgang & Mark Coffey attacking Trick in the ring with Joe joining them. Je’Von Evans made the save with punches, but Gallus overpowered him due to the numbers game. Mark nailed Evans with a German Suplex. Trick fought back with punches, but he was triple teamed by Gallus as well. Mark and Wolfgang did a running kick/spinning slam combo. Gallus stood tall over Trick while Joe put the NXT Title on Trick.

Analysis: I assumed that the Trick Williams match at Battleground would be against Noam Dar, but now with Gallus involved there’s an interesting twist. Apparently, nobody else in NXT likes Trick other than Je’Von Evans since the beating went on for a while without anybody else trying to help Trick. Anyway, it’s a good way to remind everybody that Gallus is a huge threat as a group.

The women’s tag team match was coming up next as both teams were shown walking backstage.


Dante Chen was shown backstage with Mr. Stone while NXT GM Ava walked up to Chen saying he did a great job. Ava said Mr. Stone was the one that picked Chen for that match. Chen thanked Mr. Stone. Ava congratulated Stone for making a star tonight.

Next week on NXT:

* Sexyy Red comes to NXT

* Roxanne Perez’s NXT Battleground opponent revealed

* NXT Women’s North American Championship Qualifier: Michin vs. Tatum Paxley

* NXT Women’s North American Championship Qualifier: Kelani Jordan vs. Wren Sinclair

* Trick Williams & Je’Von Evans vs. Gallus

* Ridge Holland vs. Riley Osborne

The team of Shayna Baszler & Lola Vice entered first for the main event. When Lola tried doing her dance, Baszler stopped her from doing it. Natalya was up next with Karmen Petrovic in pink, black and white gear. Natalya gave her sunglasses to Vic Joseph.

Shayna Baszler & Lola Vice vs. Natalya & Karmen Petrovic

Baszler drove Natalya into the ropes, so Vice did a cheap kick to the back and Baszler hit a knee. Baszler and Vice made quick tags as they took turns working over Natalya in the heel corner. Natalya broke free, Petrovic tagged in, and hit two forearms on Baszler. Petrovic hit a running neckbreaker on Baszler for two. All four women were in the ring leading to Natalya & Petrovic hit double discus clotheslines.


Petrovic got a kick leading to a two count. Baszler hit a clothesline for two. Baszler did a sweep kick to remain in control. Vice was back in with some booty shaking to taunt Natalya. Baszler was back in with a suplex. Vice tagged in, Petrovic kicked herself free and brought in Natalya with the hot tag. Natalya suplexed Vice and she hit a German Suplex on Baszler. Natalya with a discus clothesline on Vice for two. Petrovic tagged in with a cross body block off the top for two. Baszler was back in with a chop block to Petrovic. Vice did a cradle on Natalya for two. Vice with a back fist on Natalya for two. Baszler threw Petrovic out of the ring and told Vice to pick up Natalya, but Natalya knocked Baszler off the apron. Vice hit a spinning kick to knock Natalya down. Vice did some hip shaking again. Natalya came back with a Sharpshooter. Baszler saved her partner with a forearm to Natalya’s back. Petrovic sent Baszler out of the ring to counter a submission attempt. Natalya punched Vice in the ropes. Petrovic tagged in, Natalya held Vice and Petrovic hit the clothesline for the Hart Attack double team move. That match went about 11 minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Karmen Petrovic

Analysis: ***1/4 A fun match with a good babyface ending since they won with the Hart Attack clothesline that the Hart Foundation used. The Baszler-Vice team did have control early on, but then they had some mistakes and those mistakes set them back. Petrovic getting the win is big for her in her first main event match. Natalya was terrific in her usual role as the veteran who helped her teammate get the win. Good win for the Canadian connection of Natalya & Petrovic.

After the match, Baszler picked up Vice and Vice nailed Baszler with a roundhouse kick to the head. Vice did some ass-shaking that Baszler doesn’t like. Vice kept dancing on the apron, so Baszler was back up and applied the Kirifuda Clutch submission to choke out Vice. Referees showed up to break it up unlike when they didn’t try to break up the Trick Williams segment. Vice and Baszler got into a fight on the floor as they exchanged punches.

Ava the NXT GM appeared to say that both of them were looking for a fight. Ava said that she wants to see it. Ava said that they can do this at Battleground. Shayna said it will be NXT Underground. Baszler and Vice kept on fighting as the show ended there.

Analysis: I think it’s a great idea to do an NXT Underground match at the Battleground PLE. It’s at the UFC Apex arena so it’s a fitting spot for it. Vice attacked Baszler before Baszler could attack Vice and then it turned into a chaotic brawl. I like how they announced the match here rather than wait a week. I think Vice should beat Baszler in that match, but I don’t know if that’s going to happen.


Three Stars of the Show

  1. Wes Lee/Joe Coffey
  2. Nathan Frazer & Axiom
  3. Natalya & Karmen Petrovic


The Scoreboard

This week: 7 out of 10

Last week: 6.5

2024 Average: 7.03


Final Thoughts on WWE NXT

I thought it was a pretty good show that was a bit better than last week. There were several matches with something on the line, so that always helps. I liked the win by Nathan Frazer & Axiom over The D’Angelo Family. Frazer & Axiom are so exciting to watch. The triple threat match ending with a double pin was unexpected, but I thought it was executed well with Wes Lee & Joe Coffey pinning Josh Briggs, who was taken out by the Gallus boys on the floor.

The women’s division was represented well as usual. They started the show, there were two qualifying matches, they ended the show and there were many of them in segments too. We know NXT pushes the women’s division as well as any show in wrestling these days and they did it again this week. I’m happy to see Fallon Henley and Jaida Parker getting into the Ladder Match at Battleground.

That main event was solid with Natalya & Karmen Petrovic getting the clean win. I loved seeing the Hart Attack clothesline ending it. After that, Lola Vice and Shayna Baszler got into a brawl so that team is done. We’ll see Vice and Baszler in an NXT Underground match at Battleground, which should be very interesting. I think Vice should win that match.

The next WWE NXT PLE is Battleground on June 9th with this lineup so far.

* NXT North American Championship: Oba Femi (c) vs. Joe Coffey vs. Wes Lee

* Ladder match for the Inaugural NXT Women’s North American Championship: Sol Ruca vs. Lash Legend vs. Jaida Parker vs. Fallon Henley vs. two other women

* NXT Underground Match: Shayna Baszler vs. Lola Vice

You can watch NXT Battleground at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas on Sunday, June 9th, streaming live at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on Peacock in the U.S. and WWE Network everywhere else.


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