The John Report: The WWE Raw Deal 06/06/22 Review

wwe raw deal june 6

This week’s WWE Raw featured Cody Rhodes with an update about his injury, Judgment Day looks to grow, a women’s four-way match and more.

This episode of Raw followed Hell in a Cell from Sunday night in Chicago. It thought it was a great show with some awesome matches especially Cody Rhodes beating Seth Rollins inside Hell in a Cell while Cody was wrestling with a torn pectoral muscle. It’s hard not to be impressed by that. The next Premium Live Event is Money in the Bank in four weeks in Las Vegas. Money in the Bank is always one of my favorite PPVs, so I hope WWE builds it up and makes it feel like a big deal.

This is the Raw Deal for episode #1515 of Monday Night Raw. It’s taking place at the Resch Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Follow me on Twitter @johnreport. Let’s get to it.

There was a video package that aired showing Hell in a Cell highlights. It focused on Cody Rhodes beating Seth Rollins inside Hell in a Cell even though Cody walked into the match with a torn pectoral muscle that Cody suffered while training for the match. They had a classic match with Cody finding a way to win. I enjoyed it a lot.

The Raw commentary team of Jimmy Smith, Corey Graves & Byron Saxton welcomed us to the show with a rundown of what’s coming up.

Let’s Hear from Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes made his entrance to a huge ovation from the crowd. Cody was wearing a dress shirt and vest, but no suit jacket since he’s dealing with that torn right pectoral injury. Cody loved the response from the crowd. They showed tweets from fans and people in WWE that praised Cody’s performance at Hell in a Cell. There were loud “Cody” chants.

Cody started by welcoming us to Monday Night Raw. Cody gathered his thoughts as the fans chanted “thank you Cody” at him. Cody said that stuff like that fills up his heart, he can’t say he doesn’t love it and he just saw all those comments about his effort at Hell in a Cell. Cody said he doesn’t necessarily believe in that because it is a privilege to do what he does. Somebody shouted “I love you Cody” and Cody said he loved him too. Cody said that tearing his pectoral tendon completely off the bone is demoralizing. Cody added that he doesn’t want to be sad or melancholy or downtrodden. Cody talked about the other Rhodes in his family, but there is one we haven’t been introduced to yet. Cody spoke about his daughter (her name is Liberty) and when she is old enough, he wants her to watch what happened last night, he wants her to know that in the darkest of times and the lowest point of his career, he was not cynical or jaded because he stood and fought. There was another “Cody” chant. Cody added that he fought against one of the very best superstar wrestlers in the history of our game, Seth “Freakin” Rollins. Cody said that the chapter has been written, the trilogy is in the archives and he is officially done with Seth Rollins.

Cody said he wanted to talk about what’s above him. There were the two Money in the Bank briefcases hanging above the ring (one was white, one was green). Cody said that the Money in the Bank contract inside the briefcase has eluded him his entire career. Cody said that he is certainly banged up at the moment, but in four weeks’ time if somehow, some way he was able to climb the ladder and grab that briefcase he could cash it in and become the WWE Undisputed Universal Champion. Here comes Rollins.

Seth “Freakin” Rollins made his entrance in a white & black suit with a unique design as usual. Rollins had a bit of a slow walk to sell the physicality of their Hell in a Cell match. Rollins got in the ring with Rhodes. Rollins said he didn’t like Cody, but after what Cody put himself through last night, Cody has earned Seth’s respect. Seth talked about how the world is saying it was maybe one of the gutsiest performances in the history of this industry – and that’s the truth. Seth said that Cody is without a doubt, the toughest person that Seth has ever been in this ring with. Seth added that he’s the last person Cody needs to hear this from, but Dusty is very proud of his baby boy right now. There were loud “Cody” chants while Rhodes looked emotional. Rollins said that he came out here to shake Cody’s hand just like Cody did to him on the night after WrestleMania. They shook their left hands in the center of the ring. Rollins whispered something in Cody’s left ear. Rollins left the ring.

Cody soaked in some cheers from the crowd a bit more with Graves noting that Cody is having surgery this coming Wednesday. Cody left the ring, greeted some fans at ringside and made his way up the aisle. When he reached the entrance area, Cody turned his back to face the crowd again. Rollins showed up with a sledgehammer and attacked Cody from behind! Rollins hit Cody in the back with the sledgehammer! Cheap shot. Graves said it was disgusting and despicable. Rollins pulled off Cody’s shirt to expose the injured right arm that was all bruised up and Rollins stomped onthe right arm. There were WWE Officials there, but Rollins wouldn’t stop. Rollins pushed the sledgehammer into the arm some more. Rollins finally stopped as the WWE Officials checked on Cody with fans chanting “you suck” at Rollins. Cody was down selling the attack.

Analysis: Rollins was respectful in the ring, but then he was a mean and dirty heel later in the segment. It’s fitting for Seth’s character to be that way. It got Rollins a lot of heat while Cody is going to be out for most of the rest of the year after having surgery to repair his injury. A great segment overall. I thought Cody’s speech was exactly what it needed to be. Did you notice how the crowd listened to both guys instead of chanting “What” or being rude towards them? That’s because they are invested in both characters and appreciated their performances at Hell in a Cell. Anyway, this attack by Rollins should mean that when Cody comes back later this year (or whenever he comes back), he’s probably coming after Rollins as payback for what Seth did.


They showed Cody selling the attack from Rollins with the announcers talking about how Cody is having surgery on his injury this Wednesday. They brought a stretcher to take him out of there, but Cody wanted to walk out on his own and did it. Cody managed to make his way to the back.

They replayed the attack from Rollins showing the sledgehammer shot, then a stomp on the arm and driving the sledgehammer into Cody’s right arm. The announcers talked about with Graves saying it was a reprehensible, disgusting act and “shame on you Seth Rollins” even though Graves said he has defended Rollins a lot in his career.

Analysis: Best of luck to Cody with that surgery this week. I’m sure it’s the last thing he wishes he was doing this week, but it’s what he has to do. We probably won’t know the timeline for his return until after the surgery. However, it’s probably going to be for most of the rest of the year. I think Cody is a good pick to win next year’s Royal Rumble. Just saying.

Becky Lynch made her entrance for a match. They showed Hell in a Cell highlights featuring Bianca Belair retaining her Raw Women’s Title against Lynch and Asuka.

Becky Lynch vs. Dana Brooke

Lynch with a kick to the ribs. The 24/7 comedy wrestlers went down to the ring with 24/7 Champion Akira Tozawa going into the ring and Brooke rolled up Tozawa with the ROLLUP OF DEATH~! to win the 24/7 Title.

Winner AND NEW 24/7 Champion: Dana Brooke

Becky Lynch did a promo telling Brooke she’ll put that 24/7 Title on the line against Lynch right now.

Analysis: Why is Lynch being lowered to the 24/7 Title level? Poor Becky.


24/7 Championship: Dana Brooke vs. Becky Lynch

Lynch hit three Bexploder Suplexes to start the match. Asuka’s music hit so Lynch was distracted by that. Lynch hit a fourth suplex on Brooke while Asuka was on the apron and Lunch took a swing at Asuka. Brooke went for a rollup and Lynch kicked out at two. Brooke got some offense including a dropkick and a handspring back elbow. Brooke with a bulldog for two. Brooke went up top, she jumped off with a senton bomb, Lynch moved and Lynch kicked Brooke in the face. Brooke countered a Lynch move with a jackknife pin while Asuka held Lynch’s leg (the referee didn’t see it) and Brooke got the pin to win. It went about three minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Dana Brooke

Analysis: 1/2* A cheap win for Brooke. Asuka cost Lynch the match, so Lynch has an excuse to explain the loss.

A video aired about 20 years of John Cena in WWE. It said that John Cena returns to Raw on Monday, June 27 in Laredo, Texas.

Analysis: Welcome back to John Cena. I don’t know if this means he’ll be around for a summer feud. There is a rumor he might feud with Theory, so we’ll see if that’s where it goes. A match at SummerSlam in late July is certainly a possibility if Cena is able to do it. Perhaps WWE will want Cena working the Clash at the Castle show in September too because that’s a big one.

The Miz and Maryse made their entrance to host Miz TV with Maryse looking amazing as usual. I like when she’s on the show.


Miz TV

The Miz and his lovely wife Maryse were in the ring to host Miz TV for the “Premiere Edition.” Miz put over his wife Maryse and they shared a kiss while Miz told his wife that he loved her. The Miz mentioned that if you cash in this contract you become a WWE Champion about 85% of the time with Miz saying he has done it twice. Miz said he’ll do it for a third time, but that’s in the future. Miz welcomed us to the Premiere Party because there are two episodes of Miz & Mrs. season three with two episodes after Raw. Maryse ripped on Green Bay a bit to get some heat, so the fans booed them. Miz told the fans to not disrespect Maryse and here comes Riddle as the guest on Miz TV.

Riddle made his entrance on his scooter and kicked off the flip flops leading to a big pop. Riddle said he thought this was a celebration. Miz said “bonjour” to Maryse, then he said some more French words that didn’t make sense and Maryse spoke French to him. Riddle moved on giving a shoutout to Randy saying he hopes he comes back soon…unlike his stepdad. That was funny. The Miz told Riddle that Randy’s career is over and now Riddle is all alone. Miz said that Riddle is going to get his ass kicked week after week by The Bloodline. Riddle told Miz to shut the hell up. Riddle said he’s tired of fighting Roman’s minions week after week. Riddle said he wants to fight Roman, the Tribal piece of trash. Riddle said that he thinks he’s going to take the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship from Reigns. Riddle said that there’s a reason that Cena is playing Peacemaker while Miz is playing Homemaker while his wife drags Miz around by his “tiny balls.” Maryse spoke up saying said he was average balls, then above average balls, then gigantic balls, the hugest balls in the whole world and Riddle led the crowd in a “prove it” chant. Miz yelled at the fans for chanting that. Maryse said if you want to fight Miz you can do it right now. Riddle accepted the match. Miz said he’s in a tuxedo and this was a premiere party. Miz told Riddle that the answer is no. Miz and Maryse left the ring as Ciampa hit Riddle in the back with a forearm. Ciampa hit a running knee to the face. Miz said on second thought, let’s have that match right here and right now. Miz called for a referee.

Analysis: That was a fun promo segment with the fans firmly behind Riddle. The “balls” comments drew some laughs and then they went with it for a bit, so that got the crowd into it some more. It was a cheap heat thing that worked based on what they were going for. Ciampa attacking Riddle was random, but it should set up a match between them. Miz was reluctant to face Riddle until he saw him get knocked down. As for Riddle facing Roman Reigns, that would be a good Undisputed WWE Championship match that Reigns should win, but Riddle will put up a fight and have a good match with him when it happens. It has been rumored for Money in the Bank, so we’ll see if it happens. Lastly, Maryse looked incredible. I like when she’s on the show.


The Miz (w/Maryse) vs. Riddle

The Miz was wrestling in tuxedo pants a dress shirt and dress shoes. Riddle was in his wrestling gear. Miz had Riddle in a chinlock, then Riddle broke free with a jumping kick and a body slam. Riddle hit a draping DDT off the ropes. Riddle went for an RKO, but Miz shoved him off. Maryse saved Miz from a kick by Riddle. Miz was on the apron, Riddle ripped off Miz’s tuxedo pants and Miz was in his boxers. The fans chanted “tiny balls” at Miz. Miz tried to hit Riddle with the purse while Maryse distracted the referee, but Riddle moved out of the way and Riddle hit an RKO on Miz for the pinfall win after two minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Riddle

Analysis: *1/2 That was a quick match. Since Riddle might be getting a shot at Roman Reigns soon, it made sense for Riddle to win in dominant fashion. It made Miz look like a loser, but since Miz isn’t really being featured right now, he can take a loss like that. Maryse wasn’t much help to her husband, but it was good seeing her as usual.

Riddle celebrated the win with the fans cheering him. Maryse was doing her best to cover up Miz at ringside.

A short video aired about NXT In Your House from this past Saturday night. It was a solid wrestling show with two title changes. Check out my review here.

The Street Profits entered for a match. Their opponents were The Usos, who walked out there with the Raw & Smackdown Tag Team Titles since they are the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions.

The Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso) vs. The Street Profits (Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins)

Dawkins punched Jey on the apron, Dawkins with a rollup on Jimmy and a backslide pin on Jimmy for two. Dawkins hit a jumping back elbow on Jimmy for two. Ford tagged in for a double-team flapjack on Jimmy. The Usos regrouped on the floor. Jey tagged in, he drove Ford to the corner and delivered some punches. Ford came back with a chop, then a dropkick and Dawkins tagged in for a double shoulder tackle. Ford hit a splash on Jey after Dawkins lifted Ford for an assist. The Usos regrouped on the floor again. Ford clotheslined Jey with a clothesline out of the ring. Ford jumped off the steel steps with a somersault dive onto Jey and that led to a break.


Dawkins was in the ring with Jey, Jimmy made a tag and The Usos gave Dawkins a double spinebuster. Jimmy choked Dawkins across the middle rope while Jey got in a cheap shot. Jimmy stomped on Dawkins’ hand. Jey tagged in with a forearm smash on Dawkins followed by some punches. Jey hit Dawkins with an uppercut punch. Jimmy back in with a running hip attack on Dawkins against the turnbuckle. Dawkins fought back with punches, but Jimmy kicked him off the apron to the floor. Jey decked Dawkins with a clothesline while on the floor. Jey tagged in leading to The Usos whipping Dawkins into the steel steps.


The Usos were still in control as Jey got a nearfall on Ford. Ford with a back elbow on Jey, Dawkins tagged in, Ford hit a dive onto Jey on the floor. Jimmy hit a dive on Ford on the floor. Dawkins ran the ropes and Dawkins hit a somersault dive over the top onto both Usos. That was great. Dawkins with a spinebuster. Ford tagged in and hit a Frog Splash off the top rope on Jey for a two count because Jimmy broke up the pin. Ford got a lot of height on that leap! Jey sent Ford into the ring post and into the barricade. It looked like Ford jumped into the barricade on that. Jey went after Ford on the floor, so Ford sent Jey over the barricade. The referee was counting, Ford got back in the ring before the ten count while Jey was counted out so The Usos lost by countout. It went 17 minutes.

Winners by countout: The Street Profits

Analysis: ***1/4 A good match with The Usos in control for most of it and then the Profits found a way to win by countout. I assume they went for the countout finish since WWE doesn’t want to have The Usos pinned very often, so at least you can do a countout finish and set up a title match that way. That Frog Splash from Ford was incredible. I wouldn’t call it a great match or anything, but they got a lot of time and it was solid by the end.

The win by The Street Profits should lead to a title match against The Usos since this was a Championship Contenders Match.

The Street Profits celebrated the win with Riddle joining them since he has had issues with The Bloodline. The Usos left with their two sets of titles.

A replay was shown of Seth Rollins doing a cheap attack on an already injured Cody Rhodes, who is scheduled for surgery on a torn pectoral muscle this Wednesday. Cody left on his own instead of leaving on a stretcher.

The “All Mighty” Bobby Lashley made his entrance to cheers following his victory at Hell in a Cell.


Let’s Hear from Bobby Lashley

There were “Bobby” chants from the crowd. Lashley said that it didn’t have to end this way with MVP because there was a time when he considered MVP his family. Lashley said that MVP and Omos didn’t have enough to take down the All Mighty. Lashley told MVP the biggest mistake he ever made was turning his back on Lashley. Bobby said it felt damn good to wrap up MVP in the Hurt Lock. Lashley said now he was just thinking what is next…and here comes Theory, the US Champion.

Theory walked out there saying he didn’t know what authority allowed Lashley to be out there while Theory said that he deserved to be out there. Theory said that someone helped Lashley with his match while Theory won his match all by himself. Theory told Lashley to get out of his ring. Theory wanted a selfie with him first. Lashley said that this is his ring. Lashley suggested they fight about it. Theory said they can have a match while bragging about his bicep. Lashley showed Theory his much larger bicep. Lashley suggested that Theory put the US Title on the line. Theory told Lashley he didn’t deserve a title match. Theory said that Lashley has beaten Brock Lesnar, Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton to name a few, but not Theory – Mr. McMahon’s protégé and the youngest US Champion in WWE history. Lashley kicked Theory out of the ring and told him to take a walk.

Analysis: It was a way to start a fresh rivalry between a face like Lashley and a heel like Theory. Big age difference there since Lashley is over 20 years older Theory, but it’s a fresh matchup if it becomes a regular feud. Both guys could be part of the Money in the Bank ladder match too.

Rey and Dominik Mysterio made their entrance.


They showed a tweet from Rollins saying “for the love of the game” and he had a sadistic smile on his face with a sledgehammer. It was a way to mock Cody Rhodes.

Veer Mahaan vs. Dominik Mysterio (w/Rey Mysterio)

Veer did a waistlock takedown. Dominik broke free while mocking Veer’s hand pose. Veer charged, Dominik moved and Veer left the ring. Veer chased after Dominik all around the ring leading to Dominik dropkicking the leg. Veer sent Dominik to the apron, Dominik with two kicks and a dropkick to the chest. Dominik with a leg drop to the head, but Veer came back with a jumping body attack to knock Dominik down. Veer lifted Dominik up, then he sent him to the apron and slammed Dominik down on the apron. Veer left the ring and tossed Dominik into Rey on the floor. Veer kicked Rey to knock him down. They went to break, so this would be longer than most Veer matches.


Veer was in control with a knee to the ribs, a whip into the corner, Dominik moved and Veer hit the turnbuckle. Veer hit the turnbuckle again after Dominik moved. Dominik jumped onto Veer’s shoulder, but Veer came back with an elbow and body shot to the ribs. Veer charged, Dom moved and Veer went into the ring post. Dominik hit a 619 kick. Dominik went up top, he jumped off with a Frog Splash and Veer kicked out at one. Veer blocked a DDT attempt followed by a huge lefty clothesline. Rey went into the ring to save his son before Veer could do his submission move. It was a DQ finish after about ten minutes.

Winner by disqualification: Veer Mahaan

Analysis: *1/2 A longer match for Veer, but I wouldn’t call it a good match because it had some sloppy moments. The fans were ready to see Veer kick Dominik’s ass. Instead, Dominik got more offense than most of us were expecting and even got a pin attempt after a Frog Splash. Rey saving his son before the submission does fit the story.

Post match, Rey kicked Veer a few times and gave him a 619 kick by the ropes. Veer was on the floor while the Mysterios left celebrating even though Dominik lost by disqualification.

Analysis: This should set up Veer against Rey with Veer likely getting the win there.

They showed highlights of The Judgment Day’s win over AJ Styles, Finn Balor & Liv Morgan at Hell in a Cell. Edge got the win when he pinned Balor with a Spear.

The Judgment Day made their entrance with Edge leading Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley on their way to the ring. They were apparently going to get a new person to join the group this week.


Let’s Hear from The Judgment Day

Damian Priest told the fans to rise for The Judgment Day. Rhea Ripley said that control is an illusion that led to AJ Styles, Finn Balor & Liv Morgan to think that they would win at Hell in a Cell. Ripley said that they cannot be controlled and their message is spreading like wildfire. Priest said that their destiny has no limitations. Priest told Ripley that her destiny is to become Raw Women’s Champion, which she’ll do after winning the fatal four-way match and then beating Bianca Belair at Money in the Bank.

Edge told Ripley and Priest he is proud of them. Edge said that Ripley is a superstar wrecking machine. Edge said that Priest stands taller, his head is held higher and he is oozing confidence. Edge said that they listened to them while adding that somebody else has been hearing their message. Edge said right now he was going to introduce us to the newest member of The Judgment Day.

It’s Finn Balor. When Balor made his entrance wearing his wrestling gear, he did his usual poses on the way to the ring. The announcers argued about if this was real or if Balor was there to confront them.

Balor went into the ring and shook hands with Edge. Edge said that he saw something change in Balor. Edge told Balor that he feels he is one of the most talented men to step into the ring. Balor said that the look that Balor had in his eyes was clarity. Balor said that this is calling because he refuses to fight any longer. Balor said he can finally see clearly. Balor said that Priest and Ripley deserve a debt of gratitude. Balor mentioned that Ripley shielded Edge when Balor almost had Edge beat. Balor said he was impressed, he was in awe and he reached out to them after the show. Balor said that they are tired of being told what to do. Priest told Edge he’s one of the greatest competitors of all-time, so it was easy for them to join Edge. Priest said that they are ready to shed the last bit of limitations holding them back, which is Edge. Priest decked Edge with a clothesline!

Balor stomped on Edge a bit, then Priest hit a South of Heaven Chokeslam and Balor went up top. Balor jumped off the top with a Coup de Grace double foot stomp on Edge’s stomach. The trio of Balor, Priest & Ripley stood tall together. Edge tried to fight back, but Priest and Balor kicked Edge out of the ring. Priest picked up Edge and Priest gave Edge a Razor’s Edge onto the commentary table. The table broke upon impact. Edge reached up to Balor, so Balor punched him a few times. Priest and Balor brought Edge into the ring while Ripley brought three chairs into the ring. They broke off a piece of metal on the bottom of the chair, Balor put the metal bar in Edge’s mouth and pulled back on it like Edge had done in the past. A chair was placed under Edge’s head. There were some officials that tried to get involved, but Ripley was in the ring with a chair to keep them back. Priest delivered a Conchairto chair shot onto the chair that was under Edge’s head. The trio of Balor, Priest and Ripley stood tall as the fans booed.

Analysis: It’s a swerve. I thought it was executed really well. Edge as a heel group leader was fun, most of us probably figured it would continue and then he got turned on. Hopefully Balor thrives in this heel role because he’s been underutilized. That was a twist I wasn’t expecting, but I like Balor in that role. Edge gets a break and will return as a face. We need to see surprising angles like that more often. This worked perfectly. I also liked how they had Ripley in the ring with the chair keeping the WWE officials away from saving Edge. You need to do that to make it look more realistic. Edge took the big table bump, metal in the mouth and then the Conchairto. This was done very well. I don’t know if this was always going to be the plan or if they changed course due to Cody getting hurt or some other reason, but I liked that it was a surprise. I liked this a lot.


They recapped what happened before the break with Edge getting attacked.

Omos vs. Cedric Alexander

Alexander with punches, Omos no-sold them and hit a two-handed Chokeslam for the pinfall win. It went less than ten seconds.

Winner by pinfall: Omos

Analysis: Ouch. Not exactly the match of the year. Omos gets a quick win after losing at Hell in a Cell.

Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode were interviewed by Kevin Patrick on the stage by the entrance. Roode said there was no better time to return. MVP didn’t like that interruption, so MVP called them clowns and Ziggler superkicked MVP off the stage into the arms of Omos. Roode and Ziggler went to the back while MVP sent Omos after Ziggler and Roode. That was it.

Analysis: That was rushed and felt so random. Maybe this will mean Ziggler and Roode will be faces just based on what happened here? I’m not sure if it will be a meaningful feud or just more guys for Omos to beat.

A graphic was shown saying it was the most-watched Hell in a Cell in WWE history. There’s no way we can really prove that is true, but I assume WWE is doing pretty well on Peacock for the most part.

Otis and Chad Gable entered for a match.


Otis (w/Chad Gable) vs. Ezekiel

Ezekiel with chops, punches and Otis hit a body attack. Otis with a spinning back elbow. Otis rammed Ezekiel into the turnbuckle followed by a forearm to the chest. Otis gave Ezekiel an overhead suplex across the ring for a two count. Otis with a chinlock, Ezekiel sent him into the turnbuckle and a running clothesline by Zeke. Ezekiel with a knee to the jaw and a crucifix pin for the pinfall win after two minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Ezekiel

Analysis: *1/4 A quick match to give Ezekiel a win after losing at Hell in a Cell. Otis is not being pushed these days.

Post match, Ezekiel said he fell short against Kevin Owens at Hell in a Cell. Ezekiel said that next week on Raw, he wants a rematch against Owens. That led to Owens making an appearance saying he already beat Ezekiel. Owens said he was feeling generous, so he’s got the rematch for next week. Owens said the one condition is that Ezekiel has to admit to the world right now that he is Elias. Owens said if he tells the truth then he gets his rematch. Ezekiel: “Okay, you’ve got me Kev, I admit it.” Owens told him to say it. Ezekiel: “I admit my name is Elias.” Owens put himself over for being a genius and saying he was right. Owens said now he gets a rematch. Ezekiel: “I didn’t think it would be that easy.” Ezekiel said he took a page out of the Kevin Owens playbook while adding that he lied because he is Ezekiel. Zeke hit Owens with a jumping knee to the face and Zeke left the ring when Otis/Gable chased him out of there.

Analysis: Poor Owens getting duped by a lie. Owens is a known liar, so the idea was that Ezekiel pulled an Owens movie to outsmart KO in that situation. I hope Owens gets the win next week.

They showed highlights of the great Raw Women’s Title match at Hell in a Cell with Bianca Belair retaining her title against Asuka and Becky Lynch. Good choice to open the show.

Bianca Belair made her entrance as the Raw Women’s Champion.


They showed players from the NFL’s Green Bay Packers at ringside. They look like they are ready to lose a home playoff game. Too soon? Go LA Rams – the Super Bowl Champions! Just saying.

There was another replay shown of The Judgment Day group turning on their leader Edge. They showed Edge leaving on a stretcher.

It was time for a four-way women’s match with the winner earning a Raw Women’s Title match against Bianca Belair, who was watching the match from ringside.

Alexa Bliss made her entrance. I miss her old theme song because the current song is so generic. Doudrop was joined by Nikki A.S.H. offering some advice for her friend. Liv Morgan was up next to a decent reaction. Rhea Ripley from The Judgment Day was last. They went to another break.


Liv Morgan vs. Doudrop (w/Nikki A.S.H.) vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Rhea Ripley

The winner of this match earns a Raw Women’s Championship match against Bianca Belair.

Ripley and Doudrop used their power to clear the ring, so those two women got into a slugfest. Ripley with a kick to the chest of Doudrop, who came back with elbows to the body. Doudrop with a back elbow, but then Bliss and Morgan pulled Doudrop out of the ring. Ripley kicked down Bliss, then Morgan did a jawbreaker to Ripley and Morgan hit a running knee. Morgan with a corner attack, Ripley caught her and Ripley hit a clothesline. Bliss got back into it with a knee to Ripley. Ripley hit a knee to the ribs, then a forearm to the back and Ripley sent Bliss into the turnbuckles two times. Ripley stomped on Bliss in the corner. Bliss came back with kicks, Ripley managed to overpower Bliss and sent her to the mat. Ripley stomped on the shoulder followed by Ripley waving at Belair at ringside. Ripley lifted up Bliss, Morgan with a kick to the ribs and Morgan hit a dropkick on Ripley while Bliss hit a dropkick at the same time. Bliss punched Morgan, Bliss jumped onto Ripley on the floor and Morgan jumped off the ropes with a dropkick to knock down Bliss on Ripley. Doudrop capitalized with a running senton on Morgan on the floor. They went to break there.


They came back with less than ten minutes left. Doudrop had Bliss grounded with a chinlock followed by Doudrop getting a corner splash on Bliss. Morgan was back in with a double knee attack. Morgan with a running dropkick Morgan worked over Ripley with a headscissors and Bliss hit a Sunset Bomb on Ripley to send Rhea to the floor. Doudrop with a running cross block on Bliss for two because Morgan made the save. Doudrop with a sitout Powerbomb for two because Bliss broke it up. Doudrop went for a move off the ropes, Ripley was there to punch Doudrop and stop her from doing a move. Ripley and Doudrop were on the turnbuckle, so Bliss & Morgan got involved for the Tower of Doom suplex spot from the corner. Bliss and Morgan each got two counts. Bliss got a rollup on Morgan for a two count. They rolled around the ring doing an inside cradle spot when they finally stopped. Bliss got a kick to the gut and a DDT. Bliss set up Morgan by the ropes, Bliss jumped off the top with Twisted Bliss and Morgan got the knees up to block. Doudrop sent Bliss out of the ring. Morgan with double knees and then Nikki A.S.H. saved Doudrop from another move. Bliss jumped onto Doudrop, but Doudrop caught her and hit a Michinoku Slam for two with Ripley breaking up the pin. Ripley hit a Riptide slam on Doudrop for the pinfall win after 14 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Rhea Ripley

Analysis: *** The match was solid. The two smaller women Bliss and Morgan worked well together for most of it, but neither one really came close to winning. Doudrop did fine as a power wrestler. Ripley was impressive by hitting the Riptide on Doudrop for the win. That result is fine with me.

The win means that Ripley will challenge Belair at Money in the Bank on Saturday, July 2nd.

Ripley’s buddies Finn Balor and Damien Priest showed up to stand beside Ripley. They had a staredown with Belair, who looked on from ringside. They had a staredown some more and that was the end of the show.

Analysis: I probably would have picked Ripley to win Money in the Bank if she was in the match, but since she’s getting the title shot then Ripley will not be in the MITB match. It’s possible that Ripley wins the title just because it would strengthen the group they are in.

Three Stars of the Show

  1. Cody Rhodes – He will be off Raw for several months, so I feel like I have to give it to him.
  2. Finn Balor, Rhea Ripley & Damian Priest
  3. Seth Rollins

The Scoreboard

6.75 out of 10

Last week: 6.75

Final Thoughts

The best parts of this week’s Raw were non-wrestling segments like Seth Rollins attacking Cody Rhodes and The Judgment Day turning on their leader Edge. Rollins got a lot of heat for doing the cheap attack on an already-injured Cody, so whenever Cody comes back he can go after Rollins. In Edge’s case, I’m not sure if it was the long-term plan or not. I liked Edge in the role, but it will also mean more time for him at home, so that’s a good thing too.

The match quality was just decent this week. Some short matches and instances of guys getting wins back after losing at Hell in a Cell. The women’s match main event didn’t feel like a big deal at all, but at least it’s the right way to build a title conder by having Ripley win a match and hopefully build her as a serious contender for Belair’s title.


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