The John Report: AEW Dynamite 03/08/23 Review

aew dynamite march 9

This week’s AEW Dynamite featured Wardlow defending the TNT Title against Powerhouse Hobbs, Jon Moxley teaming with Claudio Castagnoli and more.

It’s the first episode of Dynamite since AEW Revolution took place last Sunday night. AEW has been in northern California for the past week, including this show in Sacramento.

This was AEW Dynamite episode #179 at the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, California. Check out the AEW PPV listing archive only on TJRWrestling as well. Follow me on Twitter @johnreport. Let’s get to it.

The opening video package showed some highlights of Revolution. It was a quick video.

It’s Wednesday night and you know what that means. Excalibur was on commentary with Tony Schiavone and Taz as usual.

All-Atlantic Championship: Orange Cassidy vs. Jay Lethal

Lethal’s entourage was banned from ringside. The announcers put over Orange’s singles match winning streak, so why wasn’t he in a singles match at the PPV? Weird booking. Orange tried some ground work and went for a crucifix pin attempt for two, so Lethal went to the floor. When Lethal went back into the ring, they did a bunch of counters leading to Lethal going for a handstand off the ropes, but Orange kicked him in the arm. They left the ring with Lethal sending the knees into the steel steps. Lethal was favoring his left arm injury. Lethal crotched Orange on the top rope followed by a shoulder tackle into the back of the left knee. Lethal kicked Orange along with Lethal tackling Orange back-first into the side of the ring apron. The wrestlers were out of the ring and instead of counting, the referee left the ring to tell them to go to a commercial because the next spot saw Lethal send Orange knee-first into the ring post. That led to the picture-in-picture break.


The match returned with a bunch of reversals of their signature move leading to Orange hitting a brainbuster. Lethal charged, Orange ducked and Lethal went running into the turnbuckle. Orange was on the top turnbuckle, Lethal tried to stop him, then Lethal was selling the left arm injury and Orange jumped off the top with a diving DDT. Orange hit another spinning DDT for two. Orange tried to run, but then he stumbled to sell the left knee injury. Lethal with a Figure Four Leglock for about 30 seconds until Orange got to the bottom rope. They stood on the apron looking like idiots, Lethal with chops, Orange with comedy punches and Orange tossed Lethal back into the ring. Lethal with a lifting move, Orange sold the leg injury, Lethal went for a submission again and Orange countered into cradle. Lethal hit a Lethal Combination backbreaker/flatliner combo. Lethal jumped off the top with an elbow drop, Orange got the knees up, Orange charged and Lethal hit a Cutter for two. Lethal tried for the Lethal Injection, then he sold his shoulder injury and Orange hit an Orange Punch for the pinfall win after 15 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Orange Cassidy

Analysis: ***3/4 A very good match that was given plenty of time. Lots of cool moves, counters and both guys sold body parts for most of the match. Some of Orange’s knee selling was inconsistent, but for the most part he did a nice job of it. Lethal gets pushed to a certain level in AEW although they don’t seem to want to pull the trigger on him getting a bigger push.

Post match, Jay Lethal tried to attack Orange with a fake Golden Globe Award, but referee Bryce Remsburg stopped him and made him go to the back. Meanwhile, Jeff Jarrett went into the ring from behind and Jarrett hit The Stroke on Orange. Jarrett smashed his guitar on the left knee of Orange and that’s when Trent Beretta & Chuck Taylor ran out for the save.

They showed Wardlow’s tweet where he revealed that his car was broken into and the TNT Title was stolen.

Powerhouse Hobbs was interviewed by Renee Paquette. Hobbs said he felt bad for Wardlow losing his things, but there’s one thing Wardlow has left – being called a champion and tonight, Hobbs is taking that. That’s the main event later in the show.

Let’s Hear from Ricky Starks

Ricky Starks did an in-ring promo talking about how week after week, he’s taken down the Jericho Appreciation Society and Chris Jericho while people are asking him, what’s next? Starks said his answer is he’s not sure. Starks said the question is not what he’s going to do next, but where he’s going to go next.

The Bullet Club logo appeared on the screen and Juice Robinson attacked Starks from behind with a punch to the face. Juice spiked Starks with a neckbreaker by sending him hard into the mat. They went to break with Juice standing over Starks.

Analysis: A cheap attack by Juice, who hasn’t done much since he officially signed with AEW a few months ago. I don’t know what Starks meant by mentioning where he’s going to go next. Congrats to AEW for remembering to put Juice on TV.


Wardlow was interviewed wearing a “7 Star FTR” shirt with Tony Schiavone interview Wardlow, who suggested a Falls Count Anywhere, Anything Goes Match for his TNT Title. Wardlow said he may not physically have the title, but he is the TNT Champion and no man on this Earth is going to take that from him.

Ruby Soho Interview

Ruby Soho was interviewed by Renee Paquette. Ruby walked out with Saraya and Toni Storm, but then those two women went to the back. Renee asked Ruby the generic discussion about why she turned. Ruby said “you all created this monster” referring to the fans. Ruby claimed the fans were thrilled when Britt Baker beat her. Ruby mentioned beating Kris Statlander (the fans cheered) in the Owen Hart tournament and she was booed out of the building. Ruby mentioned Jamie Hayter pinning her at Revolution and she realized nobody was ever going to come to her defense. Ruby complained about how AEW called Toni Storm an “Interim” Women’s Champion, then fans begged for Saraya to wrestle again and trolls came after at a moment’s notice. Ruby said they came here to rebuild the women’s division. Ruby complained about the “entitled little shits” in the back and the rookies that think they deserve things.

Analysis: A typical “blame the fans” promo from somebody that just turned heel. Those are very common in wrestling. Ruby did a good job with it.

Ruby Soho vs. Skye Blue

Blue has some ring gear that makes her popular with fans. Just saying. Ruby attacked Blue right away, they went to the floor and Ruby threw Blue into the ring post. Back in the ring, Ruby hit her with an enziguri kick. Ruby with a STO takedown for a two count.


Blue hit Ruby with a forearm on the apron, but Ruby came back with a belly to back (Saito) suplex for two. Ruby went for a running kick, Blue moved out of the way and Blue got some offense with a rising knee. Blue with a spinning kick to the head. Blue with a boot to the head, Blue went up top and hit a cross body block for two. Ruby and Blue each hit superkicks. Ruby did a hair pull to counter a move and hit the Destination Unknown neckbreaker for the pinfall win after seven minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Ruby Soho

Analysis: **1/4 It was decent for the time given. Ruby winning was the obvious result since Blue doesn’t get wins on TV much and Ruby just turned heel, so of course she’s going to get the win. I like Blue’s potential. I hope she gets a shot to do something meaningful soon.

After the match, Ruby was joined by Saraya and Toni Storm for some green “L” spray paint. Willow Nightingale ran out to the ring for the save, she tried to talk to Ruby, but Saraya and Storm knocked Willow down from behind. Ruby hit the No Future kick on Willow. Saraya did some green “L” spray paint on Ruby and Willow.

Analysis: It is nice that AEW actually has a storyline for the women’s division, but where are the other women in the company? Maybe they had good catering in Sacramento. You would think more of the women in the locker room would be upset by this. I know. I shouldn’t ask logical questions.

“Hangman” Adam Page was interviewed by Renee Paquette, who is married to the guy Page beat at Revolution – that was Jon Moxley. Page said if you try to push him, he’ll take you to hell, rip off your flesh and choke you until life leaves your body while he will ride out. Page apologized to Renee for what she had to see and said don’t blame him. Page said that for him, he is finished with Moxley.

Analysis: It was a meaningful win for Hangman over Moxley and also a brutal match. Some people loved it while others thought it went a bit too far.


There was a video shown about MJF holding the AEW World Title after his victory at Revolution. MJF said that he made the Dragon tapped out. MJF said he’s the Devil, he’s got a silver tongue and the grandest prize of them all – the AEW World Title. MJF said he’s ready to celebrate, he’s single in San Francisco and he said on March 15th next week in “wretched Winnipeg” on Dynamite he’s going to celebrate his birthday. MJF said he’s going to have his re-bar mitzvah. MJF said nobody will dethrone The Devil because his reign of terror has just begun.

Analysis: It was MJF’s first PPV title after winning it four months earlier and he had the best match of his career. I was impressed. MJF is an outstanding overall wrestler. No doubt about it.

FTR Interview

Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler were interviewed in the ring with Tony Schiavone. They returned after taking a break for about four months. The fans popped big for them with “FTR” chants. Wheeler said he missed that referring to the crowd reaction. Wheeler said 2022 was great for them, but the last few months were bad since they lost to The Acclaimed, lost to The Gunns and lost three sets of Tag Team Titles in roughly a month. Wheeler also spoke about losing one of their best friends in wrestling and the world – Jay Briscoe in the car accident. Cash said they needed to take a breath and recharge. Cash said they couldn’t sit at home watching The Gunns call themselves the best tag team in wrestling. Cash called them spoiled, entitled, disrespectful little assholes. Cash said that their father gave them everything in life, which Cash said his father couldn’t do with him.

Dax talked about how much he cares about his wife and daughter, but he wants to talk about the fans. Dax said that the fans never left us and professional wrestling never left us. Dax said he loves all of us. There were more “FTR” chants. Dax spoke about how they closed the book on the greatest trilogy of matches in their career (with The Briscoes in ROH), but that victory was taken away with The Gunns. Dax said that memory was taken by The Gunns, so now is the time for retribution. Dax told The Gunns that they have to beat them to become the AEW Tag Team Champions for themselves, the Briscoes and for the fans.

Analysis: It’s great to have FTR back. They are by far my favorite tag team in AEW because they actually tag team matches in a traditional way instead of having guys randomly go into the ring to do spots without any sort of psychology. I know Dax said that nothing has changed as far as their AEW deals expiring in April, but they certainly could have re-signed with AEW and he could still keep saying that. Anyway, I hope FTR beats The Gunns for the titles soon.

Jade Cargill, the TBS Champion, was interviewed by Renee Paquette. Jade talked about how she is 53-0. Jade suggested they bring out the best opponent that Canada has next week in Winnipeg to try to challenge her.

Analysis: Jade has held the title for 14 months and has yet to have a meaningful storyline. It’s pretty bad when you think about it. I think Jade is an impressive performer with a look that makes her stand out. There just isn’t any interesting storyline involving her, nor does her title feel like a big deal at all.

Chris Jericho led the Jericho Appreciation Society out there for a six-man tag team match. The fans did the “Judas” singalong as usual. The announcers talk way too much during the singalong.

Jericho Appreciation Society – Chris Jericho, Daniel Garcia & Sammy Guevara (w/Jake Hager, Matt Menard & Angelo Parker) vs. AR Fox, Darius Martin & Dante Martin

Fox started with Jericho by hitting a jumping kick to the head, corner clothesline and a dropkick to the chest. Jericho to the floor, so Fox hit a dive over the top onto Jericho on the floor. Sammy tagged in with a body slam, Jericho in illegally and a double shoulder tackle leading to Sammy, Jericho & Garcia posing together. Darius tagged in, Sammy tagged out and Darius sent Garcia out of the ring. Dante made the tag with a springboard moonsault onto Garcia on the floor. Parker swiped at the boot of Darius, so Garcia hit Darius with a forearm to the head.


Sammy was in control of Dante with a weak-looking chinlock. Dante did a monkey flip to counter Sammy. Fox tagged in against Garcia with a Cutter. Jericho and Sammy in illegally, so Fox took care of them with a splash-dropkick. Fox jumped off the middle turnbuckle with a double Cutter on Sammy-Garcia for two. Darius tagged in with a deadlift German Suplex on Garcia for two. Jericho tagged in and Darius hit a Spanish Fly slam for two. Darius with a back elbow and a flipping kick for two as Jericho’s buddies made the save. Dante hit a dive on Garcia on the floor, Sammy with a knee on Darius, Fox kicked Sammy and Fox hit an impressive senton off the middle ropes onto Sammy on the floor. Jericho countered a Darius attempt with a submission attempt, but Darius got a cradle for two. Jericho distracted the referee, Hager hit Darius with the bat to the back (the referee missed it) and Jericho hit a Judas Effect elbow for the pinfall win after ten minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Jericho Appreciation Society – Chris Jericho, Daniel Garcia & Sammy Guevara

Analysis: ***1/4 The match was pretty good with JAS picking up a win to set up a match that we would find out about later. Nice cheating by Hager to help Jericho pick up the tainted victory, which Chris needed. Fox had a lot of impressive moves and the man really likes doing the Cutter, doesn’t he? Anyway, it was a good match for the time given.

Post match, Angelo Parker claimed it was the greatest trios victory and told the fans to light the beam, which led to boos. Matt Menard did his 1987 screaming promo saying it was the one year anniversary of the JAS saying they have been the epitome of sports entertainers. Garcia said they claimed they were the number one contenders for the Trios Titles. Sammy said they are the sexiest group alive. Hager: “I like this sexy hat.” Keep cashing those checks, Jack. Jericho said they are the new number one contenders for the AEW Trios Championships. Jericho told House of Black to turn off the lights, do their great entrance and get their asses in this ring now.

The lights went out. The Elite (Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks) interrupted with a promo on the ramp. Kenny said for the better part of three years, they haven’t been involved in Jericho’s business. Don Callis showed up and took the microphone. Callis said that The Elite established the World Trios Championships while saying that they are the number one contenders, not JAS. Callis mentioned being friends with Jericho for 33 years and agrees that Jericho is one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. Callis said Jericho is only the second best wrestler from Winnipeg – referring to Omega. Callis claimed if he had a few months to train then Jericho would be number three (Callis is from Winnipeg too). Jericho invited The Elite to come into the ring right now.

The lights went out again with House of Black appearing on the video screen. Malakai Black said they both deserve to be humiliated in their hometown, so if you want these…and House of Black appeared in the arena…Black said: “Come get ‘em.” The three teams were all staring at eachother. The lights went out again. House of Black was gone. Jericho spoke into the camera saying next week the JAS will be the new Trios Champions.

Analysis: It sets up a big Trios triple threat tag team match for next week with Jericho and Omega in their hometown of Winnipeg. It’s smart to have them in the same match in Winnipeg for AEW’s second show in Canada. That should be a wild match.

Tony Khan was backstage doing a promo saying that Orange Cassidy will defend his title against Jeff Jarret. Tony said that to support the Warner Brothers release “Shazam: Theory of the Gods” next week in Winnipeg, it will be Orange Cassidy defending the newly named International Championship against Jeff Jarrett. It’s no longer the AEW All-Atlantic Championship. Tony kept saying they are going to “level up the championship.”

A video aired about the Shazam movie along with Orange and Jeff highlights being shown.

Analysis: They changed the name of one of their titles that doesn’t get defended on PPVs, but it is still a thing. The All-Atlantic Championship name was dumb to begin with. The International Championship is a better name.


Bryan Danielson Video

There was a Bryan Danielson video featuring comments from him after his AEW Revolution loss to MJF. Here’s what Bryan said that we covered in this news post on TJRWrestling already.

“I always thought I was doing this for my kids. You know, I was forced to retire and I wanted to teach them if you love something you gotta fight for it. What I realised out there tonight, Max was right. You know this whole time, my whole career, I’ve been legs, lungs, heart, and never giving up. That’s always what I thought was best, always to fight, to just fight and fight and fight and fight.”

“When I woke up from being unconscious and I’m in the LeBell Lock, my first instinct was to f*cking fight. Then as I was fighting I realised I can’t feel my arms and my left leg didn’t have any strength anymore and when Max said after the Iron Man match I wouldn’t be able to play with my kids, it dawned on me – he’s right. I was putting myself before my family.”

“More than tapping out, that made me more ashamed than anything else. It’s time for me to go home.”

Analysis: Great promo from Bryan as usual. Enjoy the break for however long it lasts. Maybe he sits out for about two months and hopefully he’s on the card for Double or Nothing in late May.

Blackpool Combat Club – Jon Moxley & Claudio Castagnoli (w/Wheeler Yuta) vs. Dark Order – Jon Silver & Alex Reynolds

I guess Mox needs a win after a rare loss at Revolution. The reaction not Dark Order was very light. They used to get better reactions. Claudio worked over Silver in the ring while Moxley sent Reynolds into the barricade. Claudio and Silver did a spot where they battled over a suplex leading to Silver hitting a suplex. Moxley with some stomps on Silver’s chest. Claudio delivered a body slam followed by a leg drop, which only got a two count, brother. Silver sent a charging Claudio into the turnbuckle. Reynolds with a running uppercut on Claudio, then a forearm to the back and Reynolds hit a suicide dive on Moxley. Reynolds with a boot to Claudio’s jaw. Reynolds to the middle turnbuckle, so Claudio shoved him to the floor and Moxley hit a clothesline on the floor leading to a break.


Claudio was working over Reynolds and he went for a running knee, but Reynolds moved, so Claudio went over the top rope to the floor. Claudio prevented Reynolds from tagging out. Reynolds with a double stomp on Claudio’s chest leading to Silver getting the tag against Moxley. Silver with a dropkick, then more kicks to the chest and a pump kick. Silver with a running pump kick to the back followed by a German Suplex for two. Moxley with kicks to the chest, Silver with a forearm to knock Moxley down and Silver pulled back on the right arm in a submission spot. Claudio broke that up with a stomp to Silver’s head. Claudio was illegally in the ring with uppercuts as Reynolds tagged in to launch Claudio into an uppercut by Silver. Reynolds tagged in as Silver and Reynolds tried combo offense, but Moxley caught Silver. Moxley hit a half-n-half suplex. Moxley applied a submission called the D’Arce Choke that is a front facelock submission and Reynolds tapped out. It went 11 minutes.

Winners by submission: Jon Moxley & Claudio Castagnoli

Analysis: **3/4 Easy win by Mox and Claudio as you would expect considering the opponents rarely get to wrestle on television. The BCC guys were more heelish here while Reynolds was the face in peril for most of the match. The Dark Order guys barely got a comeback in the match since Moxley cut it off fairly easily and finished off Reynolds. I really like Silver and I wish AEW would use him better, but they just don’t do it. Claudio and Mox are an impressive team.

Post match, Moxley applied a rear naked choke submission on Reynolds. Silver tried to save, so Claudio dumped Silver out of the ring. Moxley applied a Bulldog Choke on Reynolds. Evil Uno ran out to the ring for the save with some kicks to Moxley. Yuta did a chop block to Uno. Yuta held Uno as Moxley slapped Uno in the face. “Hangman” Adam Page ran out to the ring for the save since he’s friends with the Dark Order guys. Claudio tapped Hangman on the shoulder, so Hangman punched him. Claudio with an uppercut to Hangman and the BCC guys all punched Hangman. The fans booed. Referees finally ran out there to try to stop the fight. BCC retreated at that point with the fans chanting “let them fight” as things ended there.

Analysis: That seems to confirm the BCC guys are heels now. I certainly don’t mind that at all. Maybe we will see Claudio vs. Hangman soon and a six-man tag team match is possible as well.


The Acclaimed with “Daddy Ass” Billy Gunn were interviewed by Renee Paquette. Anthony Bowens said that things didn’t work out on Revolution, but they are there in Scissormento and going to get back the AEW Tag Team Titles. Max Caster tried to speak, but Matt Menard & Angelo Parker interrupted them. Parker said that The Acclaimed are sports entertainers at heart, so JAS wanted them to join the group and The Acclaimed laughed at them. Gunn laughed at them, Bowens said no chance and Caster said they are on TV way more then them.

Analysis: I hope there is something good for The Acclaimed because they are so fun to watch.

This Friday on Rampage:

* Sammy Guevara vs. Action Andretti.

* The Acclaimed in action.

* Konosuke Takeshita vs. Preston Vance. Can Takeshita be part of a storyline at some point? It would be nice to see.

* Riho vs. Nyla Rose.

Analysis: Weak lineup.

Next week on AEW Dynamite:

* Orange Cassidy defends the International Championship vs. Jeff Jarrett.

* MJF Re-Bar Mitzvah for his birthday next week.

* AEW World Trios Championship: House Of Black defends vs. The Elite vs. Jericho Appreciation Society.

The music of Wardlow hit, but he didn’t appear. The camera showed that Wardlow and Hobbs were already fighting in the parking lot. Hobbs hit Wardlow with the brass ring that he won last week. Referee Aubrey Edwards was there, so I guess the match started since the bell rang.

TNT Championship Falls Count Anywhere Match: Wardlow vs. Powerhouse Hobbs

This match can be won by pinfall, knockout or surrender.

Hobbs threw Wardlow into a car door. Hobbs suplexed Wardlow on the hood of the car. Wardlow gave Hobbs a back body drop on the hood of the car, which broke the windshield and that got a two count. They were staggering around back there as the match went to picture-in-picture mode.


They made their way out to the arena as the match returned. Wardlow brought Hobbs to ringside, they went into the ring and Wardlow hit a spinebuster. Hobbs got back to his feet with his own spinebuster, which was no sold by Wardlow. Wardlow did a wind up lariat followed by the F10 (Brock Lesnar’s F5) for a two count. The fans chanted “we want tables” as Wardlow tried a lift, but Hobbs got out of it. Hobbs hit a second spinebuster and a third spinebuster for a two count. They left the ring with Hobbs tossing Wardlow into the barricade at ringside. Hobbs pulled out a table from under the ring and set it up at ringside, which the fans loved. Wardlow was back up to spit some water on Hobbs and put Hobbs on the table. Wardlow jumped off the top with a Swanton Bomb on Hobbs on the table on the floor! That broke the table. Wardlow got a two count. Great spot by Wardlow showing off his athleticism. Wardlow gave Hobbs a Powerbomb at the bottom of the ramp. Wardlow was selling his ribs after doing the move. The referee was talking to them blatantly likely giving them time cues to get to the finish because the show was almost done so they walked up to where the finish was going to be. Wardlow set up Hobbs on the ramp by the announcers, but QT Marshall showed up with a steel chair to Wardlow’s back. Wardlow grabbed Marshall, then Marshall kicked Wardlow in the groin and a chair shot to the shoulder. Marshall had a “QTV” shirt on since we saw “QTV” logos in the past. Marshall hit Wardlow with a chair to the head. Wardlow barely got his hands up so I don’t know if it was direct shot to the head. Marshall picked up Hobbs saying “it’s your time.” Hobbs and Marshall picked up Wardlow and tossed him off the stage onto some padded area below like a double Powerbomb move. The referee counted to ten since Wardlow stayed down, so Hobbs won by knockout. It went 11 minutes.

Winner AND NEW TNT Champion: Powerhouse Hobbs

Analysis: *** It was a good effort by both guys and some creative spots once they got to ringside. That Swanton Bomb by Wardlow off the top and putting Hobbs through the table was an impressive move. The finish was cheap, but that’s what happens sometimes when you do a surprising thing by having Marshall align with Hobbs like that. Since it was Falls Count Anywhere, it wasn’t illegal and it was cheap win by Hobbs. QT Marshall is a trainer in AEW and part of the office in the company. I believe he helps with the creative process, so he is now aligned with Hobbs, who holds the TNT Title. It sucks for Wardlow, who hasn’t been booked well in the last six months and this TNT Title reign only lasted three days.

Powerhouse Hobbs celebrated with the TNT Title and QT Marshall was celebrating with him. They showed some replays. Hobbs and Marshall continued to celebrate. End show.

Analysis: I am happy for Hobbs. AEW didn’t book him well for the last six months after losing the feud to Ricky Starks. However, Hobbs won the ladder match last week to earn the title and now he’s holding the TNT Title, so that’s good to see. QT’s stable The Factory never went anywhere, so it was dropped and he’s with Hobbs now. QT is a veteran wrestler that knows how to get heat.

Three Stars of the Show

  1. Powerhouse Hobbs – It wasn’t the best match of the night, but I am happy for Hobbs winning the TNT Title.
  2. Orange Cassidy-Jay Lethal
  3. Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara & Daniel Garcia

The Scoreboard

This Week: 7 out of 10

Last Week: 7

2023 Average: 7.53

Final Thoughts

I think it was mostly a good show (but not a great one) with more promos than usual on Dynamite, which is okay because it’s the post-PPV episode where they need to try to push some new stories. I liked seeing Powerhouse Hobbs winning the TNT Title because that’s a guy they need to push. It was a cheap win with QT Marshall helping him while poor Wardlow only held the title for three days.

The Orange Cassidy-Jay Lethal match was the best of the night. I’m fine with AEW changing the All-Atlantic Title to the International Title. Tony Khan’s promo was awkward as usual. It was nice to see FTR back on the show although it was a bit weird that there wasn’t an interruption. I’m interested to see how they get booked moving forward.

They did a nice job of setting up the Trios Tag Team Title triple threat (a lot of T’s there) match for next week. Also, the Blackpool Combat Club look like heels now with Moxley-Castagnoli-Yuta while Bryan Danielson went “home” for a break for a couple of months, I guess. Good for him. No AEW World Champion MJF on the show other than a promo from after his Revolution win. MJF is back next week on his birthday.

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