Bryan Danielson Says “It’s Time To Go Home”

Bryan Danielson

An emotional Bryan Danielson has spoken about his family and hinted towards his wrestling future after his loss to MJF at Revolution.

At Revolution, Bryan Danielson had his chance to become AEW World Champion in a sixty-minute Iron Man match against the loathed MJF. With the bout tied up at three falls each the time expired leading to Tony Khan calling for Sudden Death injury time.

An oxygen canister left at ringside proved to be Danielson’s undoing as MJF cracked him in the head with it before making the challenger tap out to his own LeBell Lock.

On Dynamite, a promo featuring Bryan Danielson from after the match aired when The American Dragon spoke about his family and explained that now it’s time for him to go home:

“I always thought I was doing this for my family. You know, I was forced to retire and I wanted to teach them if you love something you gotta fight for it. What I realised out there tonight, Max was right. You know this whole time, my whole career, I’ve been legs, lungs, heart, and never giving up. That’s always what I thought was best, always to fight, to just fight and fight and fight and fight.

“When I woke up from being unconscious and I’m in the LeBell Lock, my first instinct was to f*cking fight. Then as I was fighting I realised I can’t feel my arms and my left leg didn’t have any strength anymore and when Max said after the Iron Man match I wouldn’t be able to play with my kids, it dawned on me – he’s right. I was putting myself before my family.

“More than tapping out, that made me more ashamed than anything else. It’s time for me to go home.”