The Young Bucks “Plan On Delivering” At AEW All In

AEW The Young Bucks

Despite all the roadblocks, distractions, and other external factors, The Young Bucks vow to live up to high expectations at AEW All In.

The Young Bucks will have one of the most highly-anticipated matches on the card as they take on FTR’s Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood in a rubber match for the AEW World Tag Team Championships.

This match has been one many fans have been looking forward to for a long time, especially since many fans consider either team to be the greatest tag team active today.

However, this match won’t be happening in a vacuum since there are some outside factors that risk influencing its outcome. Cash Wheeler is currently dealing with some legal issues in Florida and both The Young Bucks and FTR find themselves in opposing camps regarding CM Punk and his influence on AEW Collision.

But despite those ever-present factors, The Young Bucks don’t think fans should expect anything less when it comes to whatever they do in the ring.

The Young Bucks promise to live up to expectations against FTR at AEW All In

Speaking to Sports Illustrated, The Young Bucks explained that while they’re aware of Wheeler’s situation, they’re still going to forge ahead and deliver on what they’ve promised.

“Any time distractions happen beyond your control, it’s a bit frustrating. But we have a task at hand, and we plan on delivering.

I love a challenge I’m most excited for the opportunity to feel what it’s like to perform at an event of such magnitude.

It might be the culmination of everything we’ve ever worked for, and how I complete every future story I tell to my future grandkids about where my career climaxed.”

Additionally, Nick added that he wants this match to be special because he wasn’t at 100% when the Bucks faced FTR for the first time at Full Fear 2020.

“Not many people know this, but I had a really bad case of Covid a month or two before that first match, and I had trouble breathing for a long time.

Cardio-wise, it took me a while to get healthy, so that match was probably the hardest match I ever had to get through. The second match I felt a lot healthier, but it was on TV so we didn’t get a lot of time.

What excites me most is having that extra time and having a beat to be able to tell the best story that we possibly can.”

h/t Fightful