The Young Bucks Against Showing CM Punk Footage

AEW The Young Bucks

CM Punk was the talk of AEW once again following his explosive remarks but The Young Bucks were against Tony Khan’s planned response.

CM Punk reopened old wounds during WrestleMania week as he claimed AEW was not a real business and Tony Khan was not a real boss. CM Punk aired his frustrations from his ill-fated time in the company while giving his side of the story of what happened between himself and Jack Perry at All In which led to Punk getting fired by the company.

AEW responded by having The Young Bucks show the footage of what really happened between CM Punk and Jack Perry on Dynamite. The CCTV footage shows Punk approaching Perry and they exchange words for a few minutes before Punk aims a shot at Perry before trying to get him in a front facelock. Samoa Joe intervenes and pulls Perry away.

CM Punk turns his attention to someone not seen on-screen but widely believed to be Tony Khan and appears to be shouting furiously in their direction before he walks off. AEW coach Chris Hero perhaps speaks for everybody when he can be seen following Punk with his head in his hands at what has just transpired.

The Young Bucks Not In Favour Of AEW Decision

Now Wade Keller of the PWTorch has reported that The Young Bucks were not in favour of showing the footage despite them having to be the ones to present it as a way of building their match with FTR at Dynasty. The Bucks noted they were showing the footage to show why they were so distracted at All In as they had to deal with this issue as EVPs rather than focus on their match at Wembley with FTR which they lost.

Keller continued by noting that it was Tony Khan who wanted the footage out in the public domain.