Wyatt Sicks Targeting Unlikely WWE Star?

WWE Uncle Howdy Wyatt Sicks

The Wyatt Sicks have arrived in WWE and now it seems one unlikely star could be in the disturbing group’s sights.

After weeks of teases at live events, on social media, and on WWE television, Uncle Howdy made his stunning return on the June 17th episode of Raw. Naturally, the mysterious figure didn’t come alone.

On the show, Howdy was joined by Nikki Cross, Dexter Lumis, Erick Rowan, and Joe Gacey. leaving a trail of bloody destruction in their wake that included Chad Gable.

As speculation swirls around their future, the group has now seemingly targeted The Pat McAfee Show. During an interview with author Jack Carr, the cast of the show all looked off-camera as if something was happening the audience couldn’t see before the show was abruptly thrown into darkness.

Pat McAfee In The Wyatt Sicks’ Sights?

Now on Raw in Indianapolis, the Wyatt Sicks had another message for Pat McAfee in the city where he made his name in the NFL. However, McAfee wasn’t at the show with his absence being touched on but not explained by Michael Cole while The Miz replaced McAfee for most of Raw.

After Chad Gable qualified for Money In The Bank, Nikki Cross appeared behind him and slithered into the ring before Gable made a quick escape. Cross, however, had another message to send as she delivered a package to Michael Cole but it was addressed to Pat McAfee.

The package contained a VHS tape which Cole got the production team to play and it turned out to show Bo Dallas in conversation with Uncle Howdy – despite Dallas portraying the Howdy character – as he discussed his brother Bray Wyatt and his death.

It remains to be seen if The Wyatt Sicks want to send their twisted message through Pat McAfee or if the Raw announcer should have more reason to be concerned.