WWE Legend Recalls Vince McMahon Nearly Beaten Up By Disgruntled Star

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Earl Hebner was there when Vince McMahon almost got his ass kicked by an angry wrestler and he wishes that it happened.

During his reign as WWE’s Chairman from the early 1980s until his recent ouster, Vince McMahon called all the shots in World Wrestling Entertainment as the unquestioned boss and leader.

After his 2022 retirement due to several “hush money payments,” Vince came back in 2023 and helped lead WWE into a deal with Endeavor, who acquired the company in September 2023.

The new year of 2024 has been a very bad one for Vince McMahon since he has essentially been erased by the company, which is now run by Endeavor’s bosses, WWE President Nick Khan and WWE’s Chief Content Officer Paul “Triple H” Levesque, who is running the company creatively.

Vince McMahon has been accused of sexual assault and sex trafficking with several sordid accusations made against the former WWE Chairman by a former employee named Janel Grant. While McMahon has called the accusations “replete with lies,” WWE continues to move full steam ahead without him.

Earl Hebner is perhaps the most famous WWE referee of all time since he worked there from 1988 to 2005 meaning he was a big part of the Hogan Era and Attitude Era before departing in 2005, which led to about a decade working in TNA.

There’s a famous story from when former WWE superstar Nailz was angry with Vince McMahon about a match payoff and nearly beat up Vince badly in December 1992. Luckily for Vince, some WWE staff and employees made the save. Hebner told WrestlingNewsco his side of the story.

“I was right there and saw it all in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He had Vince McMahon up against the wall like a chicken going into a Perdue chicken line. If it hadn’t been for Slaughter being in there or close by, he would have messed Vince up. It was over a payday.”

“They paid Bossman more than they paid Nailz and Nailz found out. The rooms were down in a basement. He came down the steps. He went into Vince’s office and all I could hear was screaming and hollering. I looked in there and he had Vince up against the wall. He said, ‘I want my money.’ He said more than that, but I’m making it polite. ‘You f’d me. You paid him this. I deserve that.'”

“After that, Vince always had an agent in his room. He was never left alone or he had them at the door.”

Did Earl Hebner Want Vince McMahon To Get Beat Up By Nailz?

The discussion continued with Hebner making it very clear that he wanted to see Vince beaten up by Nailz that day.

“I wish Slaughter would have never gone in there and saved him. I would love to see him whip his ass.”

For his part, Nailz has previously talked about the story that led to his WWE dismissal.

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